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When in Paris...Jeudi

I was ridiculously over-excited when my friend suggested a spontaneous weekend in Paris! I have always wanted to go to Paris and only spent six years studying French in school :P I was very excited to see all the tourist attractions, attempt to speak French and of course the renowned sartorial elegance! 479 more words

SUMMER’S GONE... Quelques images pour la rentrée

Between the hustle/bustle of September, buzy rentrée des classes /quelques images pour la semaine / some images to start the week, des expositions que j’aimerais tant voir/some exhibitions i’d like to see and tell you about…Hello SEPTEMBER… 428 more words

Hiroshi Sugimoto, non le monde n'est pas mort...

Pendant que Lilyana coule des jours heureux et sûrement plus ensoleillés en Bulgarie, mes pas en ce samedi toujours crachin, me mènent à mon lieu préféré à Paris : le… 477 more words


Hiroshi Sugimoto : Today the world died, or maybe yesterday. I don't know

Today I will not talk about Brussels, but about an amazing exhibition I saw in Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Palais de Tokyo is, as some of you probably know, one of the leading cultural centres for contemporary art in Paris. 453 more words