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Hiroshi Sugimoto : Today the world died, or maybe yesterday. I don't know

Today I will not talk about Brussels, but about an amazing exhibition I saw in Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Palais de Tokyo is, as some of you probably know, one of the leading cultural centres for contemporary art in Paris. 453 more words


Paris: Palais de Tokyo || Ed Atkins ~ BASTARDS || until 07.09.2014

Through videos, installations, texts and drawings, Ed Atkins (b. 1982, lives and works in London) has developed an extremely singular body of work where certain paradoxes of our time are performed and critiqued. 378 more words

Trouw Amsterdam + Stedelijk Museum x Palais De Tokyo + Fouad Bouchoucha.

Sound talks in dimensions.

You enter behind a black curtain into near darkness, tentatively inch through two sets of thick plastic blinds and out onto a platform. 336 more words


Day 16

Palais de Tokyo.

…in Paris.

(Yes, there is such a place…I didn’t believe it at first either)

It actually has nothing to do with Tokyo or even the country of Japan. 780 more words


Palais de Tokyo

One of the things I like most about contemporary and installation art is how it reaches across boundaries; out of the canvas, off the wall, into so many of our senses. 531 more words



Walk into the dark passageway leading to the saw swinging wildly from a mechanism mounted on the ceiling to destroy a mattress that is hacked at and cut into but first glance at the piece of wood in the lit glass case and walk over to it and put on the headphones hanging from the case and you think at first it’s nothing but then you hear what sounds like static coming through and you realize or think you realize that you are hearing termites inside the piece of wood eating away at it and you understand the truth of what you read earlier when the authors wrote that the narcissistic distortions of pity, such as the exultations of the philanthropist and the moral self-awareness of the social welfare worker, are still intensified confirmations of the distinction between rich and poor.


Palais de Tokyo

Tarde interessante no Palais de Tokyo.