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What can I say? As Ronan Keating puts it “You say it best when you say nothing at all”.

All things aside Meantime London Pale Ale is my FAVOURITE EVER!!!! 116 more words


107. Two Towers' Complete Muppetry

I really like finding these sorts of beers, locally brewed with a funny name and quirky taste. I’d never heard of Two Towers brewery until this week, but I’m going to make a point of sampling all their brews this year – all of which look interesting and each of which has a suitably Brummie moniker. 116 more words

Three Star

Arms of Achenkirch, Austria

Blazon: Vert a pale wavy argent surmounted by the roof and steeple of a church sable

(The pale is intended to represent the river Achen, surmounted by a church, or Kirche in German, making these canting arms.)


106. Red Even's Shooting Dice

A local brew from Coleshill and Warwickshire, it looks like Red Even are quite a new brewer (they don’t yet have a proper website). From the funky bottle design, I’m guessing they’re aiming for the Brewdog-esque market with this “American Pale Ale” Shooting Dice. 43 more words

Three Star

College Creating By Mitchell Taylor Workshop Contrasts Pale Stone With Gray Brick

This university creating in Tub, England, by nearby architects Mitchell Taylor Workshop features stone walls recalling the city’;s historic architecture, together with contrasting dark grey brickwork and window surrounds (+ slideshow). 14 more words

Daily Ideas

'The Human Body' series.

I recently started a small series of personal work, based on the emotional connection to the physical human body. I took these photos with a deliberate anonymity to them, as they could better portray a general, shared emotional connection, rather than my personal connection to my human body. 126 more words

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