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'The Human Body' series.

I recently started a small series of personal work, based on the emotional connection to the physical human body. I took these photos with a deliberate anonymity to them, as they could better portray a general, shared emotional connection, rather than my personal connection to my human body. 126 more words

Personal Best

17 Miracle Matte foundation

I received this foundation as a gift, and I have a mixed review of it. It’s definitely not my go-to foundation but I can see how it would work for some people. 228 more words


A world of my Own

 I can feel the glow in my room disappear as the shadow of the dim clouds take its place, resting gently in the pale concrete of my room. 110 more words


Well hello again! Tasting - Uinta brewing - Monkshine

So I’ve been gone for a while, obviously. Things have been crazy with work and life in general. I’ve been thinking about starting up again and just didn’t have the motivation. 167 more words

Burn, Baby, Burn

I’m sunburnt. Hence the title. 

I am extremely pale, like a vampire, or a red-head.

Except I’m not red-headed, just pale.

And so my skin is very intolerant to the sun and I went on a picnic today (which was quite nice, we played the game “Heads Up” on one of my friend’s iPhones and it was hilarious because everyone looked ridiculous) and the picnic was in the sun and I didn’t think about that until I got there and thanks to this lack of forethought, I’m sunburnt. 28 more words

Solar ghost

Ivre de lumière, j’ai maintenant l’impression de ne plus marcher sur votre soi et entends les cris de mon âme non humaine implorer sa libération.

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