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My Oh Mayans

From San Cristobal to Palenque we decided to take a van trip that stopped off at a couple of waterfalls along the way. Agua Azul is big and quite cool, the other one was different and also impressive but generally unremarkable. 432 more words

Reconstructing a Stucco Text from Palenque's Palace

by David Stuart, The University of Texas at Austin

Back in the early 1980s — I can’t recall exactly what year — I found myself intrigued by the badly preserved stucco inscription from House A of Palenque’s Palace. 995 more words



Where the plains end and the mountains begin. Where the flat green of fields bulge up into the high mounds of hills. This is where Palenque lies. 684 more words


Mexico’s refreshing, amazing and somewhat hidden treasures

Why on earth, after a year spent going to work every day, zig-zagging through city traffic, enduring crowded public buses and metros, at times with temperatures as high that would remind you of living hell, would you ever embark on a tiring car or bus trip, sitting next to some unknown person, on a curvy, bumpy road, when you are supposed to be on holidays? 1,265 more words


Palenque Fever

We knew that the Younger Fives were hot to visit their first Mayan ruins, but we didn’t actually think they would get a fever. In fact that is just what happened. 498 more words


Oh Chiapas, how confusing you have been...

***Note: rubbish wi-fi by Lake Atitlan is causing photo-uploading issues so I’ll add pics to this later. Also, there is a lot of text in this post and it’s not very interesting so consider yourself warned if you decide to read it*** 1,979 more words

Central America

Maya architecture wonderland of Palenque

Palenque was another fine example of Maya Classic period ruins and a deserving UNESCO Heritage Site.

The layout of the site was definitely carefully thought out to incorporate the hilly landscape. 73 more words