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Paul on Paleo

Last January i decided I was going to get myself healthy. i was a bit over weight, smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and drank like i was still in college. 987 more words


My health journey: Adopting the paleo diet

Being a professional swimmer for a majority of my life I was always focused on eating the right balance of foods to enable me to perform at my best. 322 more words


Days 14-15

DAYS 14-15: 27th-28th July 2014

I have no energy at the moment. I don’t know if it is diet related, or ennui, but I am super tired right now, and I haven’t really done enough to warrant being so tired. 338 more words


REVIEW for PALEO DIET: Get Started, Get Motivated, Feel Great

REVIEW for PALEO DIET: Get Started, Get Motivated, Feel Great

“I must confess, as someone who counts nurses and dieticians as part of her immediate family, I am weary of diet books and the eating/exercise industry in general. 412 more words

Days 11.5-13

DAYS 11.5-13: 24th-26th July

I meant to start back on Paleo on wednesday. That all went to pot when we literally couldn’t find a paleo friendly place open for food. 601 more words


Paleo/Vegan Brownies

or why my faith in healthy, yummy tasting desserts is restored! (hallelujah)
I’ve never had good luck with “healthy” desserts. My family has a very discerning palate when it comes to sweets, and not much gets past them. 430 more words