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Whole Food Nourishment: Not just for vegans or cavemen

Since I started on my whole health coach journey, I have studied many different diets.  I have also now noticed more what other people eat and how they feel.  799 more words

Trail-ready paleo coconut macaroons

I made an entire bag of chocolate-coconut macaroons that we took hiking with us, small treats that combined the caloric punch of fatty coconut and coconut sugar with the protein of egg whites and the buzz of chocolate. 292 more words


Paleo Diet: Consuming the Ideal Foods to Stay Active and Healthy

Foods such as grains, legumes, starches, milk products and processed foods are averted in the paleo diet recipes. As an alternative, they resort to ingesting seeds and nuts, fish and different seafood, and lean meat. 145 more words

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Day 4 and an easy way to start exercising

Everyone knows that the key to losing weight is diet AND exercise (sorry about that, I didn’t make the rules). But those of us who are trying to heal our bodies through diet also need exercise, even though that might sound counter intuitive, especially if you’re struggling to maintain your weight. 661 more words

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The Principles of the Paleo Diet

There is a major difference between establishing a sound diet based off researched principles and eating according to dietary trends. That said, “eating paleo” is probably a way to do both. 723 more words


Paleo Diet Basics: The Ultimate in Clean Eating for Fast Results

Looking for a fast, simple, and – yes – relatively “easy” way to get rid of ugly flab, burn body fat efficiently, boost your energy… 207 more words


How Do I Lose Weight? Try Tracking What You Eat For A Month

I was at a party last weekend when a friend started complaining about how he’s put on about 60 pounds since his wedding and he didn’t know what to do about it. 488 more words