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Your Paleo Food guide!

Paleo can be so confusing! You can eat seeds, but not grains; eat nuts, but only certain types. And fruit? Yes…but at the same time, no! 41 more words

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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner...It Doesn't Matter

Who says you can’t have breakfast for lunch, or lunch for dinner? Not Paleo.

One of the best things about the Paleo diet is eating what I want when I want. 43 more words


A Pasta Alternative

Here are some of my thoughts on the train ride home one evening from work…

“What should I make for dinner?”

“We don’t really have anything fresh at home, should I go to the grocery store?” 245 more words

Paleo Diet

Wizards and Fad Dieting (Part 2 of 2)


Running time: 36 minutes 43 seconds

It’s back and ready for consumption!

Part two of ‘Wizards and Fad Dieting’.

In this conclusion we ‘pop the hood’ on TV’s role in… 237 more words


Why Paleo?

So about 3 years ago I stumbled across http://www.marksdailyapple.com and discovered the wonderful amazingness (yes I’m aware that’s not a word) of the Paleolithic Diet. 350 more words


Weekend Lunch on Paleo

If you like fish then mealtime on the Paleo can be a real treat. Today I’m having blackened tilapia with grilled asparagus. What’s on the menu for you fellow Paleo dieters today? 9 more words