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Flat Belly Feb! Are you ready to feel better?


Christmas and New Year – how good were yours? I hope you had a great time with friends, family, pets, and with lots of eating, drinking and laughter!

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How's Your Resolution Going?

If you were one of the many people (like me) who decided to take on a resolution as the world entered year 2015, how are you doing?  891 more words


Make the Most of Walking Your Dog

I’ve already talked about the benefits of hiking as well as dog ownership when it comes to your physical fitness.  One of the pleasures and responsibilities of having a pup is walking him or her.   505 more words


Dealing With The Naysayers

If it weren’t so sad, I would think it’s funny, how people act around you when you start changing your life for the better.  The jealousy becomes transparent, at least to me, and their passive aggressive attempts at sabotage grow in frequency and intensity.   507 more words


Intensify Your Workout Session

In pretty much all fitness and athletic endeavors, intensity is key.  Whether you’re trying to get big, trying to get strong, build endurance, skill, agility, whatever, the harder you work at it (obviously) the better you’ll get at it. 405 more words


Logging and Cycling Your Workouts

I love working out, and I’m sure most of you do too.  Because of this, it’s easy to jump in to a workout haphazardly and go balls to the wall doing whatever the hell I want.   404 more words


4 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Workouts Outdoors

The outdoors are your friend!  It should go without saying here that working out and pretty much all physical activity is best done outside.  We advocate paleo lifestyle here, and your caveman ancestors didn’t have climate controlled gyms! 389 more words