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Banana Blueberry Pancakes


My husband asks for pancakes every weekend.  It’s his favorite. I’ve always made pancakes from scratch, but after I started avoiding grain pancakes seemed an unlikely breakfast in our home until learning to work with almond and coconut flours.   97 more words


Speedy Paleo Banana and Cinnamon Pancakes

I was first introduced to these pancakes when my boyfriend took up Crossfit…which in turn meant he started living by the paleolithic diet. I have to say when he came home one day and announced he was doing a 30 day Paleo challenge I did scoff…’why would you want to cut out all the yummy things we eat!’ However, as I am the main cook in the house I decided I would eat the same meals as him in the evening to keep our lives simple and it was actually a surprising eye opener! 404 more words

Fodmap Friendly

Recipe: Apple and Cinnamon Paleo Pancakes

I really love the taste of paleo pancakes but I’m not really fond of cooked banana, and after I eat a paleo pancake I find myself reacting to the almond meal. 328 more words

Adventures In Cooking

The Banana Republic

If there was one thing that I eat daily, it would be the banana. I put bananas in all of my smoothies, with peanut butter and honey on toast, and in oatmeal and cereal, or just straight up. 144 more words

coconut cacao pancakes

disclaimer: this recipe won’t make light, fluffy pancakes that taste as sweet as the syrup you typically put on top of them..
however, what it will make is (approximately two) gluten free/grain free, fibre dense pancakes with the consistency of a traditional pancake mix, that you can smear butter (or roasted almond butter, or even peanut butter) on top of.. 158 more words

2 Ingredient Banana Pancakes!

Easy, peasy! Just one banana, per 2 eggs. I throw mine in the food processor to make a thinner batter and it yields more pancakes (top secret!). 19 more words

Fast And Freaking Easy Paleo

Never Lie Down!

After some more thinking about why I was in a Crossfit funk recently, I figured out one more reason. I only get to go to Crossfit twice a week now that I am back to work full-time. 484 more words