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Banana Avocado Ice Cream

The other day before work I finally tried out a recipe for banana avocado ice cream and it was honestly the most beautifully creamy thing ever – you would not believe it was dairy free, sugar free and vegan! 305 more words


Prawn chilli fry

I first came across this recipe in the book “Indian Cooking”, by Naomi Good.

I agree wholeheartedly with fish Guru Rick Stein¬†when he talks with such passion about Indian seafood – it is one of Indian cuisine’s great secrets. 505 more words


Honey & Apricot Cashew Cream Cheese

I’ve been a bit obsessed with dried apricots lately, and can’t seem to stop munching on them for breakfast time, snack time, anytime… I’ve been trying to find more things to do with them than just dip them in almond butter and chow down (not that that’s not amazing or anything), so I came up with an idea to turn them into a dairy-free “cream cheese” spread and voila: magic! 137 more words

Dairy Free

Mango and Wheat (Healthy paleo food in Ghana)

Yes, you read right. I don’t know who created this food sanctuary but I want to meet them. I’m being very serious *insert straight face*. I recently found this place via Instagram whilst going through the feed of a fellow Ghanaian doing the Whole 30 challenge (Separate post to come) so I decided to check it out. 117 more words


Day 3 (4WC)

Day 3 of my 4-week challenge was a Saturday. It is certainly easier to get up in the morning when you have not had half a bottle of red wine the night before! 689 more words

Wakey, Wakey, Eggs & Bacey

Good morning!

Don’t you just love waking up to the smell of coffee / bacon / breakfast?!
It’s like in the cartoons when the smell wafts up to you, pinching your sleeping nose and dragging you off to the source of yumminess… 342 more words


Question about Carbohydrates via /r/Paleo

I have tried Paleo before and it worked like magic to me, abandoning bread and rice was super easy, and the results were amazing. Lost track of my health for a while and now I am back. 189 more words