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Day 4 - road blocks

Today was a mentally tough day. I weighed a pound heavier (216.2), and was not lifting or doing any crossfit. I ate a big breakfast, steak, chicken, and broccolli. 114 more words

Quick Paleo Dinner

Last night I wasn’t really feeling the whole cooking thing. I really struggle with the motivation after going to the store for some reason. However, last night I would not allow myself to give into temptation and get pizza slices at Lucky’s Market. 432 more words


It starts from within...

Over the several months I have been struggling with thinking positively and celebrating the success that I have achieved. After a conversation with a friend I realized that my new mantua needs to be it starts from within. 241 more words

Aztec fruit - when to eat? via /r/Paleo

Did my fruit and veggie shop this morning and stumbled across these – never seen or even heard of them before, but I like trying new things so I grabbed one. 43 more words


New to Paleo and have a question about dill pickles... via /r/Paleo

I know this is kind of a shot in the dark, but does anyone know of any brands that sell pickles/relish without all the artificial preservative nastiness. 56 more words


A green drink every morning

My Facebook friends know that I recently tried a program called the 10 Day Detox Diet by Dr. Mark Hymen. As much as I dislike talking about it because it leaves me open to criticism, my weight has always been a challenge.  864 more words

My Story

"Paleo" Diet Leads to Worsening Cholesterol

The “Paleo” diet worsens cholesterol levels, according to a new study in the International Journal of Exercise Science.

Researchers put 44 healthy adults on a “Paleo” diet including lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, fruit, and vegetables, as well as on a circuit training program. 184 more words