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Decided to dig into the medical literature. Found this review article that says that Polyunsaturated > saturated fats in reducing Heart Disease. Thoughts? via /r/Paleo

Here is the article – http://ift.tt/1uLro6T

Current dietary recommendations advise reducing the intake of saturated fatty acids (SFAs) to reduce coronary heart disease (CHD) risk, but recent findings question the role of SFAs. 254 more words


Laura Traits Galore!

Get yo’ music on: I dare you to listen to this and not want to rule the world! :)

To follow suit of my previous posts* I have yet another confession. 866 more words


Thought for the day - and the cup is half....

On the one hand, I know I should feel concerned when I see all the unsold fruit and vegetables on offer for a quick sale at the end of their shelf-life in our local supermarket, which perhaps represents a dangerous shift in the nation’s eating habits away from fresh produce and towards less healthy options. 31 more words


Spicy root vegetable purée

Lentils and other pulses, so important in Indian cuisine, do not find a place at the Paleo table.

In my pre-Paleo days, whenever I rustled up an Indian themed feast, lentils were almost certain to get a look-in, as were chick peas in some form or other, so this has been a major stumbling block on my Paleo adventure. 498 more words


Bad News on the Bloodwork Front... Any Suggestions? via /r/Paleo

So my BF (34M) and I (27F) have been doing Paleo on and off for about 3 years. Due to life shit since the new year, it’s been bad. 386 more words


Countdown to inevitable question: Is it Paleo? via /r/Paleo

Camel milk


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E-Z tomato sauce

Good home-made tomato sauce made from your own home-grown tomatoes is spectacular!  During the gray days of winter, pulling one of my sweet dense gold sauces from the freezer, is like opening up a burst of summer sunshine.    70 more words

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