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View from the Office (Part 1)

It is only fitting to start this series with a post about Lawrence. You know those people you meet for just a fleeting moment but stick with you forever? 1,232 more words


Oh, my aching back! / Bipedal Evolution

We most often concentrate on the brain and behavior when discussing what makes us human, but a careless lift of a heavy and awkward object, and the inevitable muscle strain, has shifted my attention to bipedalism. 424 more words

Asperger's Human Experience

Is it culture or evolution? --or-- What's the best way to explain why humans are so fucking weird?

So I saw this article yesterday.


In essence, it discusses a study done on the Twe and Tjimba tribes, and attempts to link the spatial and navigational superiority of men in the tribes to the pressure placed on them to find more mates. 4,375 more words

General Science

Human Evolution, Cultural Evolution and the Concept of Race.

So this little diddy came to my mind while having a discussion with a friend of mine. He’s a smart guy (uh-oh…qualification coming up…) but he has a fairly stereotypical view on race. 6,323 more words

General Science

[our understanding of] The ‘hobbit’ is growing up!

Homo floresiensis, or the ‘hobbit’ in popular media, turned 10 years old last month. Well, it’s more accurate to say the study of the hobbit turned 10 years old. 839 more words


Homo erectus

Despite most than one century of studies, the taxonomic and phylogenetic status of Homo erectus is still largely debated. There is no agreement whether or not the African and Asian specimens belong to the same species, or on the meaning of the variation within the Asian group. 246 more words

Brain Morphology

For those who insist that ancient Europeans were "European."


We Are Not Our Ancestors:  Evidence for Discontinuity between Prehistoric and Modern Europeans 

Ellen Levy-Coffman

The model of European genetic ancestry has recently shifted away from the Neolithic diffusion model towards an emphasis on autochthonous Paleolithic origins.  130 more words