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Neoteny, Paedogenesis, Paedomorphosis / Domestication

“Men to boys; Women to girls” from my blog How I Fell in Love with Homo erectus


Paedogenesis: reproduction by young or larval animals; the animal reaches sexual maturity while remaining otherwise immature. 925 more words

Modern Humans

Eurocentric Paleoanthropology / What happened to Asia?

The dispersal of Homo sapiens across southern Asia: how early, how often, how complex?

Robin Dennell, Michael D. Petraglia Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield; … 188 more words

Asperger's Human Experience


Our Neandertal Brethren:

Why They Were Not a Separate Species

Full aricle: http://scientificamerican.com/article/our-neandertal-brethren/

“This modified Out of Africa theory holds that around 400,000 years ago a population of hominids migrated northward through the Middle East and into Europe and parts of western Asia.
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Denisovan / Tibetan Introgression High Altitude Adaptation

FROM: Institute of Human Origins http://www.becominghuman.org For full article go to Nature

Ancient Denisovan genes enable modern Tibetan to handle high altitude

August 14, 2014… 646 more words

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Australian Aboriginal Genome Confusion

Quotes from several Australian scientists on the genome sequencing results from an Aboriginal individual – More evidence that rigorous attention needs to be directed to the definition of what constitutes a species, and how genetics is to be integrated into that concept (if it can be!) Even a provisional definition under which evidence from various areas of research could be tested by… 1,015 more words


Forgotten Females / Gona Pelvis

Note: One standout aspect of paleoanthropology is the lack of attention to female humans. Reconstructions often are scaled-down from male bones or are simply fabricated from fragments of skulls of undetermined sex.  1,054 more words

Early Humans

More Bits from the Files / Females

Comparison of female skeletons / Australopithicus afarensis  “LUCY” vs. Modern Woman

Shorter skeleton is that of an Astralopithecus afarensis female called Lucy. She was a bipedal walker, 3′ 8″ tall, weighing about 65 lbs. 223 more words

Early Humans