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Pesto Zoodles

I’ve seen zucchini noodles (zoodles) posted everywhere but I just thought they would be too hard to make but quite the contrary. These were SIMPLE! Just lay the zucchini lengthwise on a cutting board and take a juilienne peeler and begin slicing the zucchini and quickly you will begin the see noodles forming! 84 more words


Parsnip Chips

This urbane plate of parsnip chips is fabulous! Parsnips have this unique

taste all on its own so this could be a good time to try this vegetable. 151 more words


Strawberry Souffle Chilled

This decadent dessert is EPIC! The essence of strawberries is

terrific in this light as a feather chilled souffle. There is nothing quite as

divine as freshly whipped cream to revel in. 294 more words


Thai Green Curry - Recipe

Who wants Curry?

This curry is definitely Paleo-Friendly. Here are the ingredients;

1 Can of Organic Coconut milk/cream

1 lb of Chicken breast

1 tbsp Green curry paste (choose one with all natural ingredient) 91 more words