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A Common Sense Approach Is An Effective Approach

When it comes to obesity management, weight loss and fitness perhaps:

A Common Sense Approach Is An Effective Approach


Weight Loss

What is Paleo Diet

Since you’re reading this, I guess I can assume with some amount of confidence that you’re already in to practicing a healthy lifestyle in general and eating healthy food/diet in particular. 270 more words

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet: Fad or Fab

Off late a lot of diet fads seem to be going around, according to nutritionists, a lot of these aren’t helpful and create unhealthy eating patterns. 719 more words


Hitting the reset button

I’m not exactly sure how old my TV is, I mean, its a flat screen but there’s nothing fancy about it, no wifi or built in Netflix, and it doesn’t babysit my 3 year old so its gotta be on the older side. 836 more words

Recipe: Almond Flour Chicken Fingers

My friend Katie is currently on the Whole 30 program, and as we were swapping healthy recipes the other night, she mentioned this one as a family favorite. 273 more words

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Ever Heard of Paleolithic Diet Pioneer Arnold De Vries?

Don Wiss turned me on to another “modern” paleo diet pioneer, Arnold Paul De Vries, who wrote a 1952 book called Primitive Man and His Food… 68 more words

Paleo Diet

Why I'm preparing for the 21 Day Sugar Detox #21DSD

Even before I started my journey to becoming a holistic health coach, I was trying to find my best way of eating. After lots of research and just as much trial and error, I found that a slightly-modified, GAPS-leaning Paleo diet was helping me beat the fatigue and joint pain that had been plaguing me. 335 more words

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