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When It Comes To Obesity Management: A Common Sense Approach Is An Effective Approach

Classic Doc Joe:  For the next several weeks I will be re-posting some of my original writings. Sadly, the last several months, I lost sight of what I had previously written.  1,256 more words

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Paleolithic Diet Improved Metabolic Syndrome in Just Two Weeks

A Paleolithic-type diet over two weeks improves several heart disease risk factors in folks with metabolic syndrome, according to Netherlands-based researchers.

The investigators wondered if the paleo diet, independent of weight loss, would alter characteristics of the metabolic syndrome.  1,556 more words

Paleo Diet

What was the 'Paleo diet'? There was far more than one, study suggests

ATLANTA–The Paleolithic diet, or caveman diet, a weight-loss craze in which people emulate the diet of plants and animals eaten by early humans during the Stone Age, gives modern calorie-counters great freedom because those ancestral diets likely differed substantially over time and space, according to researchers at Georgia State University and Kent State University. 862 more words

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You Asked: Should I Go Paleo?

The Paleo premise seems tantalizingly sensical: For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings ate and lived in ways that bear little resemblance to our modern modes of existence. 621 more words