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Day 1

Ahhhhhh! So today is the day! I started my Whole30 and it was wholly anti-climactic. I had nothing in my fridge yesterday so I didn’t have to do a big dramatic clean out. 221 more words


The Old Bag and the London Marathon

The Old Bag is three years and fifty. there are no ways of saying this that don’t sound old. And she has never run more than three miles in one go. 686 more words

Staying Slim

Paleofantasy : Stone Age delusions

An evolutionary biologist explains why everything you think you know about cavemen (and their diet) is wrong, by Laura Miller.

Four years ago, biology professor Marlene Zuk was attending a conference on evolution and diseases of modern environments. 1,268 more words

How To Change The LifeStyle Of Middle Aged Man

The problem with having to change your lifestyle is having to change to your lifestyle.

The old man is suffering from his eighth mid-life crisis… 497 more words

Midlife Observations

Paleo Recipes - Paleo Diet Recipes

350 + Paleo Recipes to keep your diet right. Paleo Diet Recipes are Healthy and Productive! Learn more : http://tinyurl.com/ptu99nl The Paleo Diet is an effort to eat like we used to back… 20 more words

Environmentalism and the Paleo Diet

Author: Ashley

Today I was at the gym, doing a post-run stretch and flipping through a recent New Yorker magazine, when I happened upon an article about the Paleo diet. 689 more words