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Gooey Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars

Okay.  I couldn’t quit these things.  I had a friend ask me to save her one…. well, I ended up texting her that I was drinking milk out of a wine glass in bed eating the last one the other day…sorry I’m not sorry.   147 more words


I feel like people judge me...am I imagining it?

Good afternoon my lovely readers!!!

So I have mentioned on many occasions that I network to meet people and build my network.  I find groups that fit me and who I’m looking for.   269 more words


Busy Bees

Hey all!

Just wanted to stop in and say a quick hello before heading off to work! Yes, I realize that it’s 4:44 AM but when you’re busy, you wake up at all hours to get shit done :) 217 more words

Slow Down, Take It Easy

Tis the Season to be jolly right?

Well, my commute home was not so jolly! I found myself surrounded by crazy drivers who enjoyed cutting me off left and right and also saw one driver run a light that had been red for at least 15 seconds…c’mon people lets keep the roads safe! 250 more words

This is happening.

Six. More. Days. I can’t remember the last time I felt this nervous about a race. Granted, I haven’t been racing much in the past two years, but as the kids says, this one has me “rattled.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m super jazzed. 719 more words

Pumpkin Coconut Curry Chicken

So I decided to do a hero workout on Tuesday (Veteran’s Day) and it was my first time doing LOTS of pull-ups in a while – needless to say, I ripped on both my hands and now have some forced-ish rest time  343 more words


Ranty McRanterson

Let’s just clear something up right now: the timers at the 5K I ran this past Saturday got it wrong. That’s right, I’m diving right into this mini-rant. 890 more words