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A life-long Genocide - the Nakba

I was a Nakba child. Born just 11 days before the official start of the great catastrophe that was imposed on the Palestinian people in May 1948, I have been aware from very early in my life of that foul genocide. 847 more words

Solidarity Vigil for Gaza

Sinn Féin SpokesPerson for Longford LEA

Barbara Smyth


Sinn Féin Spokesperson for Longford LEA has confirmed that Sinn Féin are holding a Solidarity Vigil to show their support for the people of Gaza on Thursday 24th July, 7pm at the Post Office on Main St, Longford Town.   130 more words


قصيدة " البشارة " من الشاعر عبد الكريم السبعاوي الى غزة الصمود

هذا عصرُ الدنياصور اللاحمْ

وشوارع غزةَ

بركُ دماءٍ

و أصابعُ أطفالٍ

وجماجم ..

هل بقيت في ترسانات الناتو

أسلحة لم تقصف غزة هاشم؟؟!!

أقتل يا بنيامين

حتى لا يبقى في أرض فلسطين

الا أنفٌ مجدوعٌ

وجبينٌ راغمْ ..

أضرب يا بنيامين

ما زال هنالك طفل يرفع

بأصابعه شارات النصر القادم


هل نفذت أهداف الجرف الصامد

أضرب بالفوسفور ..

و بالناضد ..

أوباما يسمع صفاراتَ

الانذار بتل أبيبْ

ولا يسمع حشرجة القتلى

في الشجاعية والتفاحْ

أقتل يا بنيامين

هل كنا أحياء ولنا مثل الناس

قلوبٌ تنبضُ أو أرواحْ ..

نحن الأشباحْ ..

نحن خرجنا من صبرا و شاتيلا ..

من قبية من دير ياسين ..

أقتل يا بنيامين.

فالقانون الدولي يبيحُ لكم

قتل الاشباحْ

هل بقي رصاصٌ مصبوبٌ ..

أو أي رصاصْ

الموت خلاصْ

الموت كرامه ..

الموتُ العتقُ من الرِقِ الأزلي

ولن نحني الهامْ.

لا أستسلامْ ..

لا استسلامْ ..

وبشِّر تل أبيبْ ..

موعدنا الصبحُ

أليس الصبحُ قريبْ ؟؟!!

عبد الكريم السبعاوي



Attention catching facts. Do they surprise you?

Some facts about the situation in Gaza have caught my attention thanks to the website, “IfAmericansKnew.com“. These will probably surprise most Americans. Check out the article if you have a few minutes. 427 more words


A young Zionist's anger and fear

A friend of a friend posted the following message on Facebook. I skimmed through it quickly at first and shook my head saying “She’s wrong, she’s wrong, she’s wrong!” And then I was going to discard it. 935 more words


Unalienable Rights

Yesterday a former student of mine posed a very simple question on Facebook, “Can anyone explain to me why I’m “supposed” to be supporting Israel?” In response she has had people run the spectrum from Israel being God’s chosen people and we should support them blindly to one response that finished with a flourish, “… Its sad, but its hard to trust anyone with the Muslim faith because they turn on everyone and will sacrifice even their children.” … 402 more words


Dear Palestinian People

I know this is beyond a complex issue, but I can’t take it any more. Please leave Gaza and the West Bank. I know you have a rich history. 322 more words