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Canada should not have boycotted UN conference on Israel: Diplomat

OTTAWA – The top Palestinian diplomat in Canada says the Harper government should not have boycotted a United Nations conference this week that harshly criticized Israeli settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. 605 more words


Palestinian injured as soldiers fire at protesters near Nablus

NABLUS (Ma’an) — A Palestinian youth was injured after Israeli soldiers opened fire on protesters in the village of Beit Furik east of Nablus Thursday. 156 more words


Israel calls Palestinian United Nations draft a gimmick

The draft resolution was formally submitted by Jordan to the 15 member council on Wednesday, which means it could be put to a vote as soon as 24 hours later, but it does not guarantee it will happen. 177 more words


Verse - One State, Two States?

Jesus was a Palestinian,
born, by some accounts,
in the West Bank town
of Bethlehem.
If the sobriquet
Jesus of Nazareth
is more accurate,
that region of Judea… 85 more words


Teaching for the future.

If racism i not something you’re born with, then someone is teaching it. Those who oppose racism need to speak LOUDER to children and say why it’s wrong. 136 more words

Rediscovered Palestinian flag pin

While checking my backpack in the college campus, I was fortunate to have found my Palestinian flag pin; Glad to be free from the hassle of buying a new one on Amazon; Such a pin shall serve as a good luck charm for me being a polygamist that supports the Palestinian cause.




Journalist Blasts Danish Ambassador for Europe's Double Standard Towards Israel

Followers of the diplomatic doubletalk from Europe concerning the Israeli-Palestinian matter is aware of the double standard Israel is often held to. Any attempt by Israeli at self-defense that results in casualties on the other side is made a world pressing problem, not only by Europe, but also in the United Nations. 430 more words