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Puerto Rico Policy Statement 1: PR should be nuetral, but not foolish

What follows is the first in a series of police statements regarding my plans for an independent Puerto Rico.  This is intended to educate the reader on what my intentions are and why, in hopes that enough will support this effort and follow me to establish a free country in Puerto Rico. 661 more words



Wondering how you can support and encourage Palestinians during this time of war in Gaza?

Buy Palestinian goods.

There are many options out there. So, whether you’d like a new ceramic bowl, an olive wood carving, olive oil, or beautiful earrings to give a friend… 54 more words

Fair Trade

Omar (2013)

Omar is a 2013 Palestinian drama film directed by Hany Abu-Assad.

“Omar” is a thriller and a romance with unabashedly melodramatic elements (there’s even a love triangle), all of which are brought into stark relief by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 96 more words


The Truth in a Nutshell

This post was made by an an old friend of mine Miriam Kelaty and shows the truth about what is happening in one very moving, poignant and maybe more than anything else, very sad story. 219 more words

Our Conveniently Dark Past - Masei 5774

Rabbi Dov Lior, Chief Rabbi of the Jewish settlement at Kiryat Arba, in Chevron in the West Bank, issued a halakhic ruling this past Sunday, July 20, with regard to the killing of civilians during war.  2,271 more words

Divrei Torah (Weekly Sermons)

Viral Hashtag Shows Jews And Arabs Can Live In Peace

Twitter is known for being a place where people express their feelings, and in some cases this leads to protests as it did in Turkey. But this week we’ve seen two groups come together amid tensions to prove that #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies. 131 more words

Current Affairs

Mystery Solved! Offended 'Palestinian' Woman on JetBlue Identity Revealed

The Observer has cracked the case of the Palestinian woman who wasn’t Palestinian.

Remember that story in which a Jewish doctor named Lisa Rosenberg was kicked off of Jet Blue Flight 454 for allegedly speaking offensively toward Palestinians on her cellphone before takeoff? 1,093 more words