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Laura Al Bast (Palestinian)

“Home is the smell of jasmine in Syria. It’s the quietness of Qatar. It’s the aggressive dialect of Jordan and it’s the people of Lebanon. I don’t think home is a place or a thing. 6 more words


Palestinian artist Eyad Sabbah

A Palestinian boy looks at statues that are made of fiberglass and covered with clay by Palestinian artist Eyad Sabbah, which are depictions for the Palestinians who fled their houses from Israeli shelling


Nothing More to Lose by Najwan Darwish (trans Kareem James Abu-Zeid)

Nothing More To Lose is the first collection of poems by Palestinian poet Najwan Darwish to appear in English. Hailed across the Arab world and beyond, Darwish’s poetry walks the razor’s edge between despair and resistance, between dark humour and harsh political realities. 403 more words



They occupied his country and said, your land belongs to us.
He tried to fight back and they called him a terrorist.
They destroyed his home and said you were hiding weapons. 186 more words

A Trip Back Home and through Time and Places.

in 2012, and after a sudden escalation in happenings in Syria where rebels advanced suddenly and quickly into areas around the capital, the regime became a lot more fierce than it was before. 1,268 more words


Kareem Salhab (Lebanese-Australian), Leah Soweid (Lebanese-American), and Yousef Salah (Palestinian)

“We feel every time, you know, we chill together, we’re close but at the same time, you know, we’re distant. We don’t see each other on a daily basis. 31 more words


Falafel results #1

So who ate a lot of falafels this week? Me! and it didn’t go as badly as I thought.

I looked at about 10 palestinian falafels and noted down the different ingredients and methods that they used to create their perfect falafel. 1,235 more words