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5 Nude Colour Palettes For Your Wedding Day by Chic Decorations

Posted on October 22, 2014 by Gaelan
Right now we’re stripping issues down and bringing you five nude color palettes that would be perfect for any wedding day. 42 more words

October palettes: 21, end of summer

I know it is been past the middle of calendar autumn, but even with 9-12C outside it is hard for me to let go of my summer sandals. 99 more words


I'm having an affair...

I know, it’s wrong. I have been faithful for so long. I never even dared to look at others until now. I don’t know what has gotten into me, I guess I just wanted a change in the routine. 221 more words


Dis De Los Muertos Makeup Revolution Palette

I purchased three products from Makeup Revolution to see if I wanted to continue purchasing from them. From my previous post you can gather that I like the lip lacquer. 237 more words


October palettes: 19, calming red

As I watch a lot of origami videos for an unrelated project, my palette pictures seem to take  a somewhat Japanese tilt.
But I do like to look at koi fish nevertheless.  26 more words


Phina's Color Forecast

Color Confidence Event Follow-up
Part I

The desire to escape the mundane, simple, or chaotic blends of color shades appear to be an on-going trend this year as people came out in numbers to attend our Color Confidence Event- an event all about color: how to get it and use it in your home. 474 more words

October palettes: 18, paper and fire

Paper lanterns, in their origin, are created by bringing in very closely paper and fire, two things one of which can readily, in a flash, consume another. 42 more words