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Rock-size Swagger

Be honest.  Have you ever thought that you were meant to be famous?  Or maybe you’re always hearing from people around you that you belong on television.  458 more words


Simian crease

For anyone who doesn’t know, a simian crease is when you have one line instead of two going across one or both of your hands. It’s most commonly seen in people with Down Syndrome (around 40-60% roughly) and around 2-5% of the general public have a simian crease on one hand. 499 more words

Palm reading

The hum of the plane’s engines are starting to drown out my thoughts of how long I have been on this flight for.

The woman sitting beside me looks at my hands for the 5th time. 414 more words

Never let an old flame burn you twice.

Recently, my roommate and I decided to see a psychic.

Now I know, before you criticize me and tell me that they’re all phonies, hear me out. 293 more words

Feeling Lucky

I don’t want to speak too soon, but I’m riding a streak of good luck recently, I’m hoping it lasts just a little bit longer!  It’s funny I had my palm read one time by a friend of mine and she mentioned that I had long “luck line.”  – Maybe this is part of that!   47 more words


Psychic Tools

Tarot cards.

Oracle cards

Ouija Boards.

Palm Reading.

Crystal Balls.

Et cetera. 

There are a lot of different tools that people use, either to supplement natural psychic/medium ability or to in place of it. 589 more words