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BFR: Episode 09

Straight from the mics and into your ears, here’s what we have in store for you on this week’s Bit Fix Radio:

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Video Game: The Movie - Trailer

Video Game: The Movie es un largo documental traido por el productore ejecutivo Zach Braff, narrado por Sean Astin, en donde podremos ser testigos de la evolución de los video juegos desde sus inicios como un nicho de personas jugando en un arcade hasta lo que conocemos hoy como una multimillonaria industria a nivel internacional, visto desde la mirada de diseñadores, ilustradores, creativos de la misma industria. 94 more words


is metaverse the main path to VR?

Oculus founder: The metaverse is a ‘moral imperative’

Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey said that creating a metaverse is the right thing to do, morally. “I think there’s a lot of reasons that you can argue that it is a moral imperative that we create a perfect virtual reality,” he said in a clip posted and transcribed by Road to VR. 117 more words

Virtual Reality

Will Oculus Founder Swoop In & Win Video Game Shangri-la?

Palmer Luckey has until 10:30pm EST to obliterate all other bids on GameGavel.com to win the Guinness Record holder for Largest Video Game Collection in the world. 325 more words


What Oculus Rift and virtual reality mean for sex, death, violence, and identity

Human recorded history is a few thousand years old, and we still haven’t really figured out things like sex and death. We can do both, but we don’t really understand their full power over us – and it’s all about to get a lot more complicated thanks to virtual reality. 3,788 more words


Discover 3 Ways Living Simply Leads Children to Success in Life

Does a simpler childhood, one without too many external obligations lead to a greater degree to the certainty or awareness of strengths, so that those children go on to become entrepreneurs, and leaders? 676 more words

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