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World of Virtual Reality!!

The Rift is a virtual reality head-mounted display, developed by Oculus VR

check out this video

But its quite expensive for a large amount of people out there ,but not to worry guys google is here with its innovative solutions……. 27 more words

How virtual reality explores the “adjacent possible"

Our growing addiction to “cognitive ectasy” drives technology’s progress… and that’s okay

Why are humans so damn curious? Because discovery is pleasurable. Jason Silva, in his latest video, says humans don’t care about spectacle—what we care about is ecstatic understanding: “In other words, cognitive ecstasy defined as an exhilarating neurostorm of intense intellectual pleasure.” Maybe you’ve experienced this “cognitive ecstasy” at one time or another. 67 more words

Virtual Reality

Who is Palmer Luckey?

Meet The Inventor Who Is Finally Making Virtual Reality Real

Last weekend Palmer Luckey hosted a conference in Los Angeles, where several thousand engineers and developers gathered to hear him talk. 126 more words

Virtual Reality