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Brendan Iribe, co-founder of Oculus VR, makes record $31 million donation to U-Md.

Brendan Iribe dropped out of college during his freshman year at the University of Maryland to join a throng of young entrepreneurs hoping to shake up the world with high-tech start-ups. 889 more words

Leadership In Education


Technology has invaded the entire human condition, infiltrated every form of human interaction, personal, social, and even sensory. There is no limit to human curiosity, wherever we may reach, we’ll always be eager for the next step; where now? 681 more words


Smartphone VR Viewer Roundup

In June 2014, Google revealed a low-cost Smartphone Adapter and VR SDK at their annual software developer conference in San Francisco, California. During the event, Google handed out 6,000 cardboard kits and released a tutorial online, which prompted homemade versions to surface on the web within three hours. 1,072 more words

Virtual Reality

Can virtual reality save young Black people from a deadly reality? Palmer Luckey hopes so.

Residents of Ferguson, MO., who have been protesting the killing of teenager Mike Brown by a police officer Darren Wilson for almost two weeks, have a new and unlikely ally:  701 more words