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The Facebook Rift - What Happened to Virtual Reality?

 How many times have we been captivated by the thought of virtual reality existing in our everyday lives? Through Star Trek‘s Holodeck, the Matrix, video games and mountain piles of science fiction, we’ve kept the dream of seeing this technology working. 972 more words

The Big Picture: Droga do wirtualnej rzeczywistości

Ostatnio bardzo głośno zrobiło się na temat urządzeń, które chcą umożliwić nam podróż prosto do świata gier wideo. Bardziej ambitni producenci oferują nawet przechadzkę po Marsie. 1,210 more words


Widening the Rift: Facebook, Oculus, and gamers

I don’t think anyone could have seen this coming.

The Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset that enjoyed a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and received the endorsement of several high-profile game developers, managed to successfully rekindle the dream of truly immersive gaming. 888 more words


Former CSULB Journalism Student Sells Virtual Reality Company To Facebook For $2 Billion

Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus Virtual Reality (VR), just sold his startup to Facebook for $2 billion in cash and stocks.

To pursue a business venture around the VR headset he designed called the Oculus Rift, he 21-year-old dropped out of California State University, Long Beach. 184 more words


A reminder to founders: When you sell your company, you don't own it any more

I’ve been involved in three acquisitions in my life — varying from tens of millions of dollars down to, well, not tens of millions of dollars. 637 more words


Founder of Facebook's new virtual-reality company: Sony's Project Morpheus is 'a good thing for VR'

Yesterday, Facebook bought Oculus VR, the company that’s working on bringing virtual reality to consumers. This comes just after Sony introduced a competing device last week — only Oculus isn’t really worried about that. 471 more words


The superfast rise of Oculus VR: How it went from startup to $2B acquisition in 21 months (interview)

The most amazing thing about the short life of virtual-reality gaming startup Oculus VR is just how short it has been.

It’s been just 21 months from the first public showing of the Oculus Rift virtual-reality goggles to this Tuesday, when… 2,168 more words