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What the Supreme Court could do to the Senate next week

OTTAWA — Canada’s top court will clarify the future of Senate reform next week.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada said it will deliver its opinion on the Harper government’s plans for the Senate April 25, earlier than many had anticipated – and just before parliamentarians return to Ottawa following a two-week break. 689 more words


Nigel Wright won't face criminal charges; Duffy, Wallin still under investigation

OTTAWA – Nigel Wright is no longer being investigated by the RCMP and no criminal charges will be laid against him in relation to the ongoing Senate expense scandal, according to police. 376 more words


Some key players in the Senate spending affair

Here are some of the key players in the Senate scandal and the Duffy-Wright affair:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Role: Has said his former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, acted alone when he wrote a personal cheque of more than $90,000 to cover Sen. 406 more words


Canada's air force is looking for a senior officer to hang out with Sass Jordan and its other honorary colonels

Canada’s air force wants to hire a retired senior officer to deal with dozens of honorary colonels, among them celebrities such as hockey great Guy Lafleur and singer Sass Jordan. 574 more words

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'This is a wretched file,’ says bureaucrat handling suspended senators’ pensions

What were the people behind the scenes feeling when we found out three disgraced senators would be accruing pensionable service while banned from the Upper Chamber? 557 more words


Suspended senators to lose pension benefit

OTTAWA – The Harper government has moved to preclude disgraced senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau from the parliamentary pension plan while they are under suspension from the upper house. 170 more words


New Tory budget bill loaded with unrelated measures, say critics

OTTAWA – The latest Conservative omnibus bill weighs in at 359 pages and alters everything from the food and rail safety regimes to the Judges Act, the National Defence Act and the handling of temporary foreign workers. 663 more words