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Day 24 – Manila / San Fernando, Pampanga

We catch a AirAsia flight from Tagbilaran to Manila in the morning. Here we are, in the capital, towards the end of our Philippines experience.. 296 more words


My Story of Regional TV in Pampanga

WHEN I CAME into this world, there was a low-power TV network in my home city of San Fernando, Pampanga called KTV 12.

KTV 12… 617 more words

Philippine Television

PAMPANGA - Hot Air Balloon Feast at Lubao

Hot Air Balloon Feast was held in our town. Yes, I came from LUBAO where the 19th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival happened to be its venue. 431 more words

Exploring My Home

Of blood, faith and sacrifices: The bleeding truth about Lent

It is the season of lent again. For some it is the season to seek repentance, forgiveness and offer prayer and sacrifices. We Kapampangans, pay great efforts in showing our faith during this time. 768 more words


Event: Philippine International Balloon Festival 2014 (Part 3)

The Night Glow

The sun had set and about 15 balloons were set up. Finally, for the past few years of attending the event, I am about to witness the night activity of the event. 386 more words


Cutud: Soul meets body

My first gig as a Travel Factor coordinator – Photoholic Cutud, where we witnessed scenes of flagellation and crucifixion under an unforgiving sun.

Faith is a complex thing. 30 more words


tidbits of thought

It was the day before Day Zero.  I hadn’t had any sleep and I had just spent half the afternoon standing in line at the bus terminal.  493 more words

A Slice Of Life