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I dreamt I was at work.  It was several people’s birthdays and an amazing buffet spread had been put in (far better than works catering has ever come up with).   43 more words

Litter Magazine reviews Claremont Road

Alan Baker of Leafe Press reviewed Claremont Road for Litter Magazine;

Given the raw nature of these poems, it may seem surprising that the writer deploys a range of formal techniques; oulipean constraints, deftly-deployed rhyme, cut-up and visual spacing. 67 more words

Paul Hawkins

Zelda Chappel's 'Icon' in Page 18

This is exactly the kind of reaction that reading Zelda Chappel’s ‘Icon’ in Page 18 can induce. Quotation - 

“Afterwards the radio refused 
to sing the way it used to… 46 more words