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Last week I was away on an Arvon course so I decided to share some of the amazing things I learnt. If you haven’t heard of Arvon then make sure you look them up and, if possible, book a course! 448 more words

What were the basic different kinds of pamphlets published in the Revolutionary War period?

  1. “The largest number were direct responses to the great events of the time” (i.e., responses to the Stamp Act, the Townshend Duties). 1
  2. “. . .

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What was the pamphlet's greatest asset during the Revolutionary War period?

The pamphlet’s greatest asset was perhaps its flexibility in size, for while it could contain only a very few pages and hence be used for publishing short squibs and sharp, quick rebuttals, it could also accommodate much longer, more serious and permanent writing as well. 75 more words


The importance of the 'pamphlet' during the American Revolution?

It was in this form— as pamphlets— that much of the most important and characteristic writing of the American Revolution appeared. For the Revolutionary generation, as for its predecessors back to the early sixteenth century, the pamphlet had peculiar virtues as a medium of communication. 139 more words


Secrets of a Wedding Night

Lily Andrews, the Countess of Merrill, needed money which was why she wrote the pamphlet that was selling all over London. It was creating a big scandal and that was something she didn’t want to come near her or her sister.

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Thoughts On Books

Literary ABC (3)

How complicated is literary jargon! (Or is it?)

Let us find out the differences between the following types of artistic manifestation:


Originating in the Greek word… 640 more words

Literary ABC