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Réflexion sur la prostitution

Avant de lire les témoignages de l’association Le Mouvement du Nid, je pensais que certaines prostituées, même si ce n’est jamais un choix de cœur, pratiquaient leur métier de merde comme tout autre métier de merde. 770 more words

Réflexion Féministe

Friday's Library Snapshot

I came across a little pamphlet this week; which made my day.  When I began blogging I never thought that I would continue. Although I have a plan; each post is carefully worked to a schedule they are often fairly random.   264 more words


The Swagman's Rite

The complete rituals of the Noble and Holy Order of Swagmen.

First edition. This work is Levin’s experiment with the art of ritual, drawing from Freemasonry, The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, and Theosophy (and related, such as Alice A. 10 more words


Microcosmographia Academica

Microcosmographia Academica, “A Study of a Tiny Academic World” in Greek, is a short pamphlet on university politics written by F. M. Cornford and published in 1908. 6,124 more words



Last week I was away on an Arvon course so I decided to share some of the amazing things I learnt. If you haven’t heard of Arvon then make sure you look them up and, if possible, book a course! 448 more words

What were the basic different kinds of pamphlets published in the Revolutionary War period?

  1. “The largest number were direct responses to the great events of the time” (i.e., responses to the Stamp Act, the Townshend Duties). 1
  2. “. . .

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