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Pamplemousse Reflection

As though a well-oiled machine, the earth dances in an organised chaos. Such chaos is cyclical, inevitably day must become night, with time the seasons shall change, and all that lives must surely die. 400 more words


Salade fraîcheur

Parfois on a pas le temps de cuisiner, on n’a pas spécialement très faim, mais on veut quelque chose de frais, léger et complet. Voilà une recette originale qui allie le cuit, le cru, le mariné, la douceur mais aussi la fraîcheur. 428 more words


broken fucking britain (part two)

I glanced over at Gagaga and Yuri as Shavy did that undulating thing he did in – whatever video it was – and, as he left the stage, the band slowed their playing down, dragging the song – and the audience – back to earth. 1,173 more words

Pamplemousse {Grapefruit} Caramels

When I told people, that I was making grapefruit caramels for this week’s blog post the reaction was the same: gross.  I’m not really sure why, but the combo of caramel and ruby-red didn’t sit well with people, so I pulled a classic re-branding tactic and gave the caramels a french name, … 401 more words