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Back to Guate... Independence Day weekend

Guatemalas Independence Day is tomorrow… Their most exciting tradition is this torch run that most Guatemalans do over the weekend…
Basically, groups of Guatemalans wi run in a pack, one carrying a torch to some location. 200 more words


"Corazón de Mujer" grupo de Chimaltenango

El día de ayer 10 de septiembre 2014, visitamos a las mujeres del grupo de Corazón de Mujer- Ram Ixoqi’ (idioma maya kaqchikel) integrante de Oxlajuj B’atz’, para realizar un diagnóstico de la situación actual de la salud emocional y física de las mujeres artesanas, conjuntamente plantear alternativas de solución. 377 more words


Adventure in Guatemala

an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.
“her recent adventures in Italy”
synonyms: exploit, escapade, deed, feat, experience


Pana is my Happy Place

Or is it Antigua? For a while, it was Xela. Anyway. I’ve been to Pana a few times recently, and I love it!

On August 9th, we threw a baby shower for Ashley! 122 more words

Personal Experiences

Security and Safety Around the Lake

It’s hard to run into trouble here. Most parts of the lake are safe most of the time. But like anywhere else, it’s when you let your guard down that they get you. 13 more words

San Pedro La Laguna

Survivors of the Guatemalan Chicken Bus

We took the 8 hour overnight Linea Dorada bus to Guatemala City arriving at 4am this morning. It was baltic on the bus, everyone else had coats, hats and blankets, I had shorts and t-shirt. 442 more words