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Security and Safety Around the Lake

It’s hard to run into trouble here. Most parts of the lake are safe most of the time. But like anywhere else, it’s when you let your guard down that they get you. 13 more words

San Pedro La Laguna

Survivors of the Guatemalan Chicken Bus

We took the 8 hour overnight Linea Dorada bus to Guatemala City arriving at 4am this morning. It was baltic on the bus, everyone else had coats, hats and blankets, I had shorts and t-shirt. 442 more words



James and I have been busily preparing for both our wedding and our honeymoon. Planning for an international trip can get a bit daunting, what with having to figure out even the smallest of details such as where will there be public restrooms, how much are toll roads, and how many pairs of socks we will need. 629 more words

Guatemala VII. Kanicula or Endless Sunny Days or the Wilting of the Crop

After six months I find myself smiling more. I am able to be a better neighbor, volunteer, and friend. Because of friend and family visits, a stronger stomach, and personal time, I was also able to be a better tourist this month and explore the side of Guatemala that is completely disconnected from my job. 1,071 more words

Central America

3rd world nations: How is Guatemala different?

You cannot walk down a street in the loneliest Guatemalan town without encountering it.

I am referring to the gentle enthusiasm, friendliness, and sociability expressed by every local, from the oldest woman to the youngest baby. 288 more words

International Day of Pueblos Indigenous

Celebrating in the Pueblo con Oxlajuj B’atz’
photo of Magdalena d’ Sacapulus