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Anything else you need?

It’s days away from my returning trip to Guatemala. At this point, everyone in my life knows I’m leaving soon because (let’s be honest) it’s all I can think or talk about right now. 1,035 more words


Story of Casa de Sion

Our mission is to enhance the lives of Guatemala’s least fortunate children by nourishing their bodies as well as their minds with nutritional, educational and medical initiatives.  570 more words



Photo taken by Javier Borrayo and later found on my camera: http://www.piafproducciones.com


Christmas 2014

This past Christmas was the second and last Christmas that I will spend with my host family. As I said last year, it is so nice to be away from the commercialized and materialistic aspect of Christmas. 563 more words

Personal Experiences

So, why does the Dragoness emit verbal “selfies” instead of playing Candy Crush Saga?

This blog began life as a black box beaming back coordinates to a distant (receding) base. But the longer I drifted the more it became a message in a bottle – navigating flotsam and dolphins. 661 more words


Our First Christmas in Guatemala

Bruce and I had no clue what this special time of year would be like away from family and everything familiar.

One of the big differences and something we both really missed was the lack of Christmas music. 926 more words

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