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Around Casco Viejo Gallery

Casco Antigua, Casco Viejo … it’s an interesting place, not least because it has more than one name. It is the formerly chic quarter, Panama City’s “old town,” that fell to ruins after the new downtown began to be built and the old city walls were taken down (only a small remnant remains). 51 more words


Car Trouble in Panama

A little bad luck, a lot of good luck and good people, and an interesting day.

I have a 97 Mazda, not fancy but a sturdy little car. 651 more words


Panama Day One -- The Voyage Begins

We won’t have a gallery for each and every day but this was the first stop on our tour and the first spot of earth we touched outside the US. 16 more words


Panama Departure Gallery

A couple quick shots of our first leg of travel. More galleries to come soon!


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Object Of The Day

cámara amigable

Esta es una historia de fantasía corto por lo que si usted cree que sabe la gente en lo que usted está equivocado. Al igual que todos mis relatos no hay demasiado sexo descriptivo en ella. 3,442 more words

Dos pechos Femenino

Fantasía, no real, los nombres no son reales, ya sea!

Bueno, incluso tengo que admitir que lo que estaba haciendo era increíblemente estúpido, tan estúpidamente. Me sentía como un maldito retardado. 2,678 more words