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Animondos #39 The Negotiator

After a deadly fight between Colombia and Venezuela, both have been mortally wounded and Panama and Ecuador plan to share Colombia’s house… What will happen after these events?


Animondos #37 Happy Bicentennial Colombia

Animondos’ celebration of the Colombia Biccentenal are interrupted with the fight between him and Venezuela, who will success?


Two and a Half Weeks in Panama (Sort of)

Two and a half weeks ago, I packed up 130 pounds of clothes, shoes, dog accessories, and work items into five suitcases, dropped my beloved dog off at the vet for boarding, and hopped a flight to Panama City, Panama, where I would meet up with my husband for the true beginning of our Panama adventure. 404 more words


Animondos #31 From Arizona with Love

Mexico and America discuss about the Arizona’s new law that discriminates Mexico. Will Mexico convince America to disaprove that law?


Been Here…Done That…Going Back

I’ve been trying to figure out what to say and how to announce that Rob and I will be returning to Juneau. Our decision to go back wasn’t easy to come to. 699 more words


Two Kuna Women

This photograph was also from the 1930s in San Blas, but we do not have any other information.

How many of you have gone to San Blas? 10 more words

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