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Thailand (VI): Bangkok mix

Bangkok was both the arrival and departure point of my 2013 Southeast Asia raid. My wife Maria and I had just four days to explore this bustling megacity before we headed back home and we knew we could barely scratch the surface on such a tight schedule. 271 more words

António Marques

The Feature

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Threes or a three picture story.

When I think of three shots in photography I immediately flash back to J-school and the features we were required to shoot for photography class. 83 more words


Bits and pieces - from dawn till night

After using a 24 MPx DSRL for night shots, I did felt strange in using the ISO800 on my Panasonic Gf1…outdated in terms of sensor..and only 12 MPx…Results (below) are, still, quite good..even if the noise level is quite high in some cases..Bear in mind, these are all*.jpg’s, as processing the RAW files produced is still a challenge..


Time leaps

There is a noticeable set of different timezones when we walk along the Tejo River. From the contemporary sophistication to the so called “Age of discoveries”, one can travel in time, making quantum leaps of centuries in just a few minutes… 41 more words

António Marques

Bits and pieces...

When you test a new lens, it suddenly looks like you see more things around you…or you perceive them different from what it was before…Pics were taken with a Panasonic GF1, using a Sigma Art lens (19 mm/2.8)..same kit as in the previous post. 46 more words