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Each summer, since 1959 to 2000, the city celebrated the Benidorm International Song Festival, a song contest where international or Spanish celebrity like Julio Iglesias, Raphael (singer) or the Dúo Dinámico became famous. 268 more words


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L’hiver approche, et l’on n’a qu’une envie c’est de se rouler dans sa couverture toute la journée. Mais sortir avec c’est un peu compliqué. Alors pourquoi est ce qu’on ne fabriquerait pas nous même notre pancho ? 241 more words


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I would like to share the recipe of one Russian cake. This cake is popular on all international dinners and it is a good alternative to the Russian salad, beef Stroganoff or borschshshchhhh (which is, in fact, a Ukrainian dish). 227 more words


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From 1982 until 1996, the social democratic PSOE governed the country, with Felipe González as prime minister. In 1986, Spain Accession of Spain to the European Union (EEC, now European Union), and the country hosted the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and Seville Expo 92. 236 more words


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Mes vacío, aburrido, sin mayor emoción.
Empty, boring month without much emotion. / It’s been a listless month.

Mucho menos intenso que Noviembre, pero también mucho más tranquilo que el recordado Diciembre del 2013. 1,138 more words


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There are many reasons to rent a villa instead of hotel rooms for your vacation. Holiday villa rentals provide good accommodation facilities for the travelers from all over the world. 341 more words

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What blessing and opportunity we all have for living in a country that was created under God. To have that freedom, the freedom of choosing your God and following Him openly and freely is a freedom that not many people have and for that we should give thanks. 263 more words