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Let's live hapILLY!

“Life is too short to be anything but happy.”

Therefore, live hapILLY! Yes, sometimes the stresses of life can bring one down. You can’t help but be all sad and lethargic. 269 more words


My Easy Homemade Pandesal Recipe

“Paaaaaan….deeeeeeeeee….saaaaaaaaaal!” One of my fondest memories as a child is hearing this loud chant from the man who sold fresh bread rolls in our neighborhood just when everybody was waking up in the morning. 532 more words

Jennie Villanueva


I have been searching the net for all kinds of recipes that my novice hands could try on and for now, this is my new best friend – … 530 more words


Spanish Bread

This is a super late post. Things have been chaotic and yet exciting in my corporate world — I got a new job and will be starting in a few days. 583 more words


Fresh. Homemade. Heaven

When someone decides to get up early and make bread from scratch.
This made my morning :)