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Pandora Hearts: What will become of this series?

I’ve waited for the right moment to post something about Pandora Hearts, a manga series I’ve been following throughout the years (starting around 2011 up to the present). 1,460 more words

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The reason why Break hates Vincent so much

I’ve always wondered why Break hated Vincent so much. It just wasn’t just a simple type of hate directed at someone despicable. As despicable as Vincent was, i felt that there was much more to their enmity and well, here’s my take on that. 645 more words


Something More: Spiritual Truths in Your Lie in April, Encouragement of Covenant, and Jeanne D'Arc's Last Temptation

After our holiday hiatus, Something More has returned!  Today’s column features a smattering of wonderful posts from this past week and a few before, as the holidays marked the end of one anime season (and now the beginning of another). 230 more words


Happy New Year!

Akemashite omedetou!

I just thought I’d share my January watchlist with you. :)


Tomoya Okazaki is a third-year high school student who is generally bored with life and doesn’t take his studies, future, or anything else seriously. 574 more words


Pandora Hearts Caucus Race 2 Translation — Chapter 1– part 2

Caucus race

What? To the one who confessed to you, you are uncertain as to how to react? Hmm– this is a difficult situation.

Life is a long journey, and full of tribulations, if one desires to live out the rest of their lives without worries or concerns, it is very important to have an irreplaceable companion by their side. 1,230 more words

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Something More: Pandora Sins, Avatar Religion, and Your Friendship in April

Christmas is less than two weeks away!  I can hardly wait!  On Beneath the Tangles, we’ll be doing the special series of posts we do every year, and I hope that the anime blogosphere will deliver some thoughtful posts about the season as well.  137 more words


Pandora Hearts Caucus Race 2 Translation -- Chapter 1-- part 1

Caucus race

Chapter 1 The first

Hi, we meet again.

Meeting you here, could already be counted as ……the third, no, the fourth time.

Oh? It’s the fifth time we’ve met? 210 more words

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