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094. Review: Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts is a short, 25-episode series based on a manga written an illustrated by Jun Mochizuki.  I really looked forward to watching this show after reading about its premise and seeing that it contained a lot of Alice in Wonderland imagery.   694 more words


Pandora Hearts - Vol 8

The mysterious maiden in white Break met in the abyss; who is she really…? How will Oz react when he learns the truth about the Break’s past – will he be able to accept it or will he shun Break away? 348 more words


Pandora Hearts - Vol 7

Oz have decided to take a step forward to see what he himself can do for Alice. In his first attempt he seeks out Duke Barma, the oldest living member of the four dukes. 270 more words


Pandora Hearts - Vol 5

Still trapped in Cheshire cat’s dimension Oz suddenly finds himself in the midst of the tragedy of Sablier. There Oz finds fragments of the truth Alice search for; but the truth is utterly devastating and might change Oz forever. 262 more words


Pandora Hearts - Vol 4

Cheshire Cat, another unusual chain make its entrance! His special power is that he can shape his own dimension, in which Alice and Break gets trapped in. 245 more words


Pandora Hearts - Vol 3

Oz meets Phillipe, a boy who reminds him of his younger self. Gil also tells his story of how he became a member of the Nightray household. 192 more words