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Pandora's smart radio service gets a Google Glass app

While the majority of tech geeks don’t have access to Google’s smart eyewear Google Glass, it’s nice to know plenty of popular services are already jumping on board. 243 more words


Spotify's mesmerizing new map shows that music can be social again

Spotify turned on a cool new feature this morning called Serendipity, an interactive map that highlights places on the planet where two people begin a song at the same time (or within a tenth of a second of each other). 452 more words

How old-fashioned, broadcast radio is avoiding internet disruption

It’s often said that all politics is local. The same might be said of the radio business.

Broadcast radio hasn’t captivated the imagination the way streaming music has, but the medium has proven  342 more words

Rdio's secret weapon in the streaming wars may be country music

In case you didn’t notice, there is an epic battle brewing over how you listen to music, between the titans of the tech world like Apple, Google and Amazon, and streaming-music companies like Spotify and Pandora Media. 411 more words

Pandora has basically written off Apple and Beats as a threat

It’s barely two weeks since Apple actually closed  (paywall) on its $3 billion purchase of Beats Electronics. Nobody really knows how the world’s biggest—and arguably most secretive—company plans to fully integrate the headphones and streaming-music service operator into its broader empire. 420 more words

Spotify's relentless global expansion will include Japan, eventually

The Spotify IPO rumors may have quietened down, but the company’s global expansion continues, and its hiring activity continues to raise eyebrows in the music industry. 482 more words

5 million new Pandora users have signed up in the car

SAN FRANCISCO — Pandora’s date with destiny may begin in the car.

This year, 135 car models from 26 auto makers will be coming off the lot with Pandora built in, Pandora’s VP of strategic solutions Heidi Browning said during a panel at MobileBeat Wednesday. 533 more words