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If We Burn, You Burn With Us: Final Mockingjay Part I Trailer

November 21 is inching closer and closer, and with that comes the release of the final trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I. This movie looks amazing. 43 more words


CapitolTV’s “Celebrating District Voices” Transports Us To District 6

Our final installment of the Capitol propaganda machine gives us a glimpse into District 6. 57 more words


CapitolTV’s “Celebrating District Voices” Baking with District 9

This installment of our In World promotional series for next month’s Hunger Games features District Nine.

It also features a set of youtubers who were willing to think inside the box as it were, and tie themselves in to the ongoing story line the Capitol is pushing of “Hero Peeta.” 42 more words


CapitolTV’s "Celebrating District Voices" Delves into District 5

I know they’re youtube partners, and not really related to the Hunger Games. But I love this in world stuff that CapitolTV is doing, integrating our world with the world of Panem. 80 more words


CapitolTV's Celebrating District Voices Part 2

Yesterday, we got the next installment of Panem’s week long version of Better Know A District. This time, we’re treated to a glimpse into one of the more loyal centers to the Capitol, District 2. 57 more words


No. 6

No. 6 is a series that I almost bought at Ohayocon 2013 (and now I’m kind of sad I didn’t). I was in the dealers room on the last day, looking for more things to spend money on, and was considering picking up a new series I hadn’t watched yet. 333 more words