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After seeing Catching Fire last year I went home with lots of energy directed toward the state of the world. I was angry. The movie had gotten me to think about the world I was living in and what I could do to change it. 471 more words

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Our lives: Perpetual Hunger Games Episodes

By Caroline Kache

DSTV has been showing ‘The Hunger Games’ a gruesome trilogy movie depicting a dystopia. Set in ‘Panem,’ a country consisting of the wealthy Capitol and 12 other districts with varying levels of poverty, the Hunger Games sees two unfortunate candidates, male and female  chosen from each of the poor districts to participate in a compulsory annual televised death match called the Hunger Games. 753 more words


Catching Fire: Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire is the sequel to The Hunger Games. It follows Katniss Everdeen’s and Peeta Mellark’s return home to District 12 in Panem country after the end of the 74th Hunger Games. 706 more words


Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…will be coming out next year.

Everyone left the theater speechless after the cliffhanger ending of The Hunger Games: 254 more words


Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part 1)

Ever since Katniss shot that arrow in the arena, the world of Panem and the districts was changed. No longer will people tolerate the mass injustice of the government, nor will they accept the rule of a man who is a heartless and ruthless deceiver. 1,134 more words

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