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I mentioned evolution a couple of posts back, and now seems as good a time as any to comment on it.  Or rather to use it as a blatant springboard to start a post with, since I always have the devil’s own time figuring out how to begin.  1,142 more words


Mosquitoes, monks, mysteries, and the Milky Way: Are you there, God? Part 2

I have been pondering lately about God, or the idea / being / [what word is even adequate to describe that which?] we call God. 1,450 more words

Let God go.

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us?

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As humanity evolves, may it evolve in ways that embody Divine compassion!

Krista Tippett’s TED talk from 2010 provides an “important linguistic resurrection” of the word compassion. Tippett sees compassion as kindness, curiosity, empathy, forgiveness and reconciliation, the simple act of presence, a willingness to see beauty in the other, and “for the religious compassion also brings us into the territory of ‘mystery’ encouraging us to see not just beauty but perhaps also to look for the face of God in the moment of suffering, in the face of a stranger, in the face of the vibrant religious other.”   581 more words

Progressive Christianity

What's the Sense of Believing?

Recently, I’ve been riding through a mini-series of highs and lows. Highs when I feel like I’m on to something and I feel like I understand the world more. 282 more words


The Wonders and Joys of Pantheism

I think I put off the inevitable topic of religion long enough. I absolutely love talking about religion with people who are willing to entertain ideas other than their own or at least look at the subject objectively. 1,634 more words

the impotent god of panentheism...

“How can anyone worship a god so impotent that he cannot even call the whole thing off? Is not such a god so paralyzed as to be perilous?… [A]s a total  world view, the God of panentheism does not fill the bill. 81 more words

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