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Feeding the Crows & Starving the Children

A few years ago, I was rushing through Safeway on a lunch break. As I searched for some ripe produce, I noticed a mantis “praying” atop one of the mangos. 461 more words

Drought 2014 - Welcome to Redding

California is experiencing the worst drought in recorded history, threatening our $44.7 billion agricultural industry. Throughout Shasta County, residents, business owners, and farmers are paying exorbitant monthly penalties for water usage. 122 more words


Countdown to Bummed Out

bummed out

/bəmd out/

a state of mental abandon that leaves you in poor physical condition through lack of desire and care.

New York, circa 2014, attributed to the Pendant Sisters…

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No Rest For The Homeless

Never aspire to be homeless, no matter how tough your living situation may be at the moment or how tough you think you are or how you imagine roughing it to be some sort of grand adventure. 633 more words


Teaching My Children How to Be Apathetic Jerks

I will be the first to admit that I am intolerant of beggars.  It doesn’t matter who they are, even if they’re my own children, begging = whining about how someone can’t deal with their own crap, so I need to intervene = my patience immediately going to zero.   1,782 more words

The Happy Couple

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Just Married

Homeless Vet

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