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sitting next to me on the tram there was a man that smelt like clean laundry and i almost leant my head on his shoulder, just to close my eyes for a moment, just to feel a shoulder. 212 more words

Before and After The Gray

Anyone dread winter? It is definitely not my most upbeat time of the year. Here we are in November and I find myself struggling again with what I call the gray’s because blue is too pretty to describe it. 2,791 more words

Breaking Through

I wrote this on April 3rd, 2012

Since my heart attack at age 31, which is now behind me by over two and a half years, I’ve been learning to live in a different manner. 1,206 more words

Binge Drinking

Rough Nights

The problem with my good days is that they are usually followed by really rough nights. Like extremely rough. Being that yesterday was really good for me, I crashed really hard last night. 1,010 more words


I’m trying, guys

Year-End Close (aka Make All the Lists)

I’m out of stuff to do at work, and there’s only 25 minutes left until five (24 minutes now…), so rather than wander around doing piddly crap, I’m just going to make list of stuff I want to get done before the year is up. 323 more words


The walls of anxiety

Abandoned freedom?

Sometimes, and I find it hard to say how many times exactly, anxiety interferes in my life. Often it’s just there for a short time (or a couple of hours or something) – … 549 more words

Stories Of The Soul