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December 21, 2014: well this is it, I'm probably dying

Okay, probably not. I think at certain times I have a flare for the dramatic.

I rarely get headaches but I’ve had one everyday for the past two weeks. 334 more words

An Early Christmas Gift From Myself

After a long time waging a one man war against agoraphobia induced attacks I have finally shot the final bullet between its eyes. This in no way means I am clear of it, nothing can be simple with me, but I have set out to do something and it is done. 509 more words

Mental Health

Having a breakdown due to brother and exams. tw: swearing

Brother is home for two weeks. The only two weeks I have to revise for my mocks. I am terrified of my brother. He scares me so much. 128 more words

Last piece of the puzzle: hypersensitivity

Today I consider the word eccentric as a compliment, because many of the people I personally look up to and who inspire me, are a little bit crazy. 1,065 more words


Is that you sleep?

Haaaalooooo people

Terribly sorry in advance, I’m extremely tired tonight. I had my delightful godson for another sleep over last night, and as much as I love having him, I’m always totally drained. 597 more words


Depression and Truth

How do you write a post on depression without it being…well, depressing? Do you write in a hopeful and light-hearted manner and trust that you aren’t belittling the situation, or get all deep and intense and scare everyone away? 1,516 more words



Up and down




Makes sense



It’s just a



I don’t even know

What is




Order… 6 more words

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