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I'd like to use the reset button now.

The Zoloft was a bust. Once I hit the 50mg I became more and more depressed. I could hardly stay awake for more than a few hours at a time. 263 more words

Sleepless nights, crazy cravings, and upcoming surgery

I haven’t been in the writing mood of late – I’ve been in the “hide under the covers and binge watch ‘Scandal’” mood. The reason? I’m having surgery this Wednesday. 515 more words

Changing your thinking

Again, this is what worked for me – everyone is different. In order to change your behaviour you have to change your thinking. To build up the motivation to challenge the compensatory workarounds that I had put in place (overland travel) I started to think about the benefits of flying and the drawbacks of not.. 259 more words

Beat Fear

"And that is enough."

Today was the center of an inevitable panic attack but I’m happy to inform you that I got over it, thanks to Nana’s cabin. I’ll just say that panic attacks aren’t too common for me and they generally only occur at the hands of a stupid boy or lots of stress. 288 more words

breath therapy

my breath is irregular

doggy-paddling in thought

and losing

I am nightmare-building

and I know how to make everything

taste like panic

I know how to make my heart… 108 more words

Waking Up On The Bathroom Floor...

Another day another attack. Passed out in the bathroom, fortunately I fell slumped against the door and didn’t do any damage this time. This is what happens when yet again, my dad takes me out into a busy restaurant when I constantly tell him it isn’t good for me. 180 more words


Quarter-Life Crisis

So I did this thing where I started a blog, wrote two posts, and then went completely MIA. But I’m back and while this may read more like a diary entry than a blog post (although now I’m wondering, what’s the difference really), I’m ready to Lay It On Thick! 576 more words

A Glimpse Into My World