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That’s a first.

Just had my first, full-blown, thought-I-was-gonna-die panic attack.

I have never had a full one in my life before. But I’ve known there was some pressure building. 868 more words

Brochure: What is a Panic Attack?

What is a panic attack?
Panic attacks are characterised by sudden feelings of
overwhelming panic and fear, accompanied by a racing heart,
breathlessness, fear, nausea, sweating, shaking and dizziness. 52 more words


Poltergeist Panic Attack

Have you ever had a panic attack?  If not, then imagine being absolutely terrified- heart racing, palms sweating, breathing heavily, feeling certain that something terrible is going to happen and that you could die at any moment.  936 more words


New Day

Good morning. I feel so much better after getting some sleep. I’m still not sure why I got the panic attack. I was however reassured by a friend of mine, one of whom you would consider a pinnacle of mental health. 61 more words

Panic Attack

Checking in good things to report

My library hosted an open mic poetry night tonight in place of my writer’s group meeting. There are people in my group that don’t generally share poetry so, tonight when they did, I was pleasantly surprised. 960 more words


Panic Attack

I’m confused and a little disoriented right now. I just experienced the first panic attack that I’ve had in years. I was feeling great, no issues. 77 more words


What Anxiety Feels Like.

Having an anxiety disorder is much more than an odd panic attack now and again. The internal war that goes on inside our heads is a lot more difficult to cope with than the physical symptoms.  536 more words