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Fiddles and Fidgets

I was going to mention these as a distraction technique but there are so many options that they deserve a whole post of their own. For anyone suffering from anxiety, having something to fiddle with can be an excellent distraction and coping technique. 507 more words


Nearly but not quite

So I did make it to my anxiety meeting yesterday but was still feeling pretty muddled. Nearly as soon as it started, I knew I wanted to leave. 237 more words


Because you're worth it! (Not!

I’m always amazed at the difference between how people perceive me and how I perceive myself. On the surface, I come across as confident and able. 485 more words

Mental Health

Relationships (the ugly) Part Two

My hubby and I never fought until last year around this time. Sunday mornings were once my favorite but became a battle ground. He would tell me I was killing myself and that he was afraid I would die. 585 more words


Let's Talk About Anxiety and Ovulation

It’s been about a week since I posted in my “28 Days to Simplify Your Life a la Pinterest” series. I even had some of the posts pre-written and ready to publish! 632 more words

Mengenal lebih dekat "Anxiety Disorder"

Anxiety Disorder atau gangguan kecemasan memiliki tiga komponen yang  mempengaruhi, yaitu: sistem fisik, sistem perilaku, dan  sistem kognitif. Anxiety Disorder terbagi lagi menjadi enam jenis gangguan, apa saja jenis-jenisnya? 278 more words


The girl who lived in a studio apartment

“Find them my dear

These poisoned arrows

That stab your brittle soul

And sob with agony

For they are your way to truth

Chase them my dear… 601 more words

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