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Day 107... Blogging 101 "correct" prompt, "incorrect" prompt, and where the twain SHALL meet...

So YESTERDAY’S Blogging 101 assignment was to (among other things) write a post about the daily prompt. The example prompt (labeled “terrible”) in the assignment post was “two plus two equals four, yes or no?” and then there were examples given on how one might approach this prompt. 803 more words



Emotionally: dead
Physically: hurting
Mentally: fucked

Today had been an okay day until my boyfriend thing texted me asking me a question. Instead of answering him, I said let’s get together tonight to talk. 168 more words

Light at the end

Today I relapsed.

I started to see things out of the corner of my eye and had a panic attack after morning muster (roll call). A woman from my unit sat with me on the bathroom floor and told me it would be okay. 134 more words

Day 103-106... a temporary reprieve, a trip to Walmart, and 2+2=4 panic pills...

Okay, so evidently a super awesome convertible is at least a temporary fix for agoraphobia, because who WOULDN’T want to tool about town in this… am I right??   1,699 more words


Low tech life hacks

Stress is like psychological herpes; it’s a persistent little bastard that just keeps coming back.

Over the years I’ve built up an extensive bag of tricks for dealing with it; I already did a post on the most potent of these, ASMR, ( 345 more words

Beelzebub the Dentist

I’m not normally a wuss, believe it or not. I have a really high tolerance for pain passed down to me from my grandmother. It’s sometimes unfortunate, because I will run into something or bang my shin on something and think nothing of it. 656 more words