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The true price of hypnotherapy: Can you afford NOT to?

Although hypnotherapy can offer a profound improvement in the quality of a person’s life, numerous people still see it as a luxury. Whilst they might think nothing of investing in drinking, cigarettes, dining out or ‘therapeutic’ shopping trips, by using money for something like hypnosis is deemed as an extravagance. 639 more words


So I’ve been avoiding writing anything over the last few days for two reasons: 1 with how busy I have been with getting my stuff sorted for moving, and 2 because I went into full blown panic mode. 156 more words


Symptoms of anxiety attack

The main symptoms of panic attack are both mental, physical and behavioral. Symptoms often occur suddenly, reach maximum intensity within minutes and last approximately half an hour. 322 more words

Panic Disorder

Panic attack - The Mental Illness Foundation

The panic attack is one of the possible manifestations of anxiety disorders. It is an acute anxiety that appears abruptly and lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. 567 more words

Panic Disorder

Back from Alaska, aka, the view from the mountain

Well, I’m back. After the USA Today article came out my vacation was timed perfectly. It allowed me time to decompress, not think about my depression and anxiety and just enjoy the company of family and the beauty of Alaska. 647 more words


Dear Ones,

I’ve been reading up on the fight or flight response today (1). I have a feeling that the ascension process may be sensed by our physical bodies as a threat. 932 more words


Thinking Positive Brings Many Rewards

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Like this video? Just wait till you see the next one…You don’t want to miss this.. 47 more words