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Panic Storms

the sky will not shake its grey clouds

seems a terrible reckoning

standing in the yard

watching the arc gradually move

knowing the danger exists… 154 more words


Like a Chameleon

One of the biggest things I regret from my battle with anxiety is that I would hide from others. I remember having moments where I just didn’t want anyone to find me. 468 more words


Keep it Simple

I’ve noted a phenomena common to many agoraphobic people I’ve connected with over the years. I’m trying to think of a nice name for it. What would you call it when someone exaggerates and distorts reality in order to make someone think something is way more complicated than it actually is?  376 more words


Call Me

“Hi, thanks for calling me back. Sorry for calling you in the middle of the day. I know you’re probably at your Mom’s..”

 ..but I’m having a panic attack and needed to hear your voice so I called you anyway…. 594 more words

Mini Panic Attack

We’re driving home from Tuscany and Things 1 and 2 are asleep in the back. Suddenly, Thing 1 let’s out an awful scream and starts shouting, almost hysterically, 219 more words

Getting To Crisis Point

If you have seen my recent posts, you know things are getting worse. Today I went to a day festival and although I managed to control my agoraphobia and panic attacks I just realized something. 144 more words


Ugh, Men

FB Post

“just another venting; no accusations.

the problem with men is that they don’t focus on the issue; i say that i feel uncomfortable and don’t like that he is hangs out with a female ‘work friend’ more than he does me, and he says “i’m not gonna stop hanging out with her” i never asked him to stop, i just brought it to his attention that it was more than with me. 1,107 more words