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[Movie] Panic Room

Rating: 5.5/10 (breakdown: 2+1.5+2, see scoring guideline here)

Panic Room is among one of the earliest works of David Fincher, a director who has made some impressive movies (including Se7en, Fight Club, the Social Network etc.). 459 more words


Panic Room

As seen in Tush Magazine

Model: Elza Luijendijk,
Stylist: Sohei Yoshida,
Photographer: Thomas Cooksey

Images Via Image Amplified


Fincher's Necrophilia

When it comes to the work of David Fincher, many seem content to just tow the party line that he is a great artist because his films look great. 1,385 more words

Film Analysis

Time for Panic?

Who: Panic Room

When: 14th June 2014

Where: The Borderline, Orange Yard, Manette Street, London

It’s been four years since I was asked to review Panic Room live and during that time they’ve gone through a few changes. 973 more words



‘Ellie you’ve got to see this, we’ve just had it put in.’

A metal door slid silently open and I looked into an area full of gadgets and supplies. 781 more words

Famous Movies...with Bitcoin

Movies without bitcoin? Snore!

Unfortunately the entire corpus of feature films lacks cryptocurrency. But imagine if this weren’t the case. Thankfully, I’ve rewritten the plots of some famous movies to account for bitcoin. 766 more words


Create Peace of Mind with a Home Vault

The most famous, if not the largest, vault door order came from the Federal government in 1935 for the newly constructed gold depository at Fort Knox, Kentucky. 283 more words