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On David Fincher and What He Doesn't Do

We have desires to see David Fincher’s new film Gone Girl, though we have not yet wrangled the time or babysitter to do so. Fincher has directed some of our favorite films, including… 122 more words


Top Ten Film: David Fincher

With the release of Gone Girl, David Fincher has reached his tenth film. Let’s list them.

10. Panic Room

Fincher’s fifth film is also his worst film. 584 more words


Film: Gone Girl (2014)

Here’s a great big slice of genre cinema for you.  Based on the pulp novel by Gillian Flynn (here adapting her own work for the screen), Fincher has delivered his most funest movie since… 131 more words


The Definitive Ranking Of David Fincher Films (For Real This Time)

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, I ran a joke ranking of David Fincher films making fun of peoples’ constant need to rank things. Nonetheless, it’s a desire I understand, and Laremy wrote a more earnest ranking, so I’m going to publish that too. 1,514 more words

Film Drunk

The *True* Cinephile's Ranking Of David Fincher Films

A lot of people like to write rankings of films directed by popular filmmakers, us included. But what’s the point of another one, you might rightly wonder? 608 more words

Film Drunk

Ranking David Fincher

This weekend, director David Fincher’s latest film Gone Girl posted his largest box office debut among his ten pictures he’s made over the past two decades plus. 685 more words


Safeguard your Spy home - Cheap

Safeguard your home for cheap

“The Panic Room”

Here is what it means to build a panic room on a budget!  This will allow the average person the opportunity to protect his or hers most important assists, “their family” so let’s get started. 767 more words