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all i want

A’s mother scattered A’s ashes on Friday. I don’t even know what that sentence means. I don’t know what it means for A to be ashes. 659 more words



I imagine myself as a frightened Donnie Darko. Sweet time falling as sand through my fingers–no matter how tight the fist is clenched–the sand continues to fall. 94 more words


Heart Attack, Clot, or a Broken Heart?

After still not things normalizing from the complications to the higher dose of intuniv – which they were giving me for PTSD with the added benefit that it would lower my typically higher than should be blood pressure, which runs typically 129/89 – and was now 98/54 with a resting heart rate alternating from the 30s to the 40s and experiencing extreme fatique, dizziness, faintness, drunk feelings, slow thinking, wobbly legs, sweating and occasional rapid heart rates with the sweats. 857 more words

Anger Issues? Really? We're going to do that now?

Why am I so bloody angry? And I am. All the time. I am going on this rock climbing outing. In the group comments on the interwebs where the organising happens somebody posted a question about how we will be getting up to the site. 192 more words


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"And that is enough."

Today was the center of an inevitable panic attack but I’m happy to inform you that I got over it, thanks to Nana’s cabin. I’ll just say that panic attacks aren’t too common for me and they generally only occur at the hands of a stupid boy or lots of stress. 288 more words