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8 Amazing Songs For Relaxing That You May Have Never Heard

Alright, so a few weeks ago I did a list of some songs that would be really good for helping to get you energized and excited, but now its time to go the other route and give you some songs that I use to calm down.   612 more words

Fundraising ideas.........

Ok so I spoke with a lady at the adoption center in California and we are supposed to have a phone conference on Friday. We will be able to go over a lot of information and ask questions vice versa all that stuff. 177 more words

Anxiety: Tips for Managing it Part 2: Strategies

In the first installment of this short series, I covered a few ways to help manage anxiety. In this installment I’m going to go over some more strategies. 1,286 more words


Occam's Razor

I have no idea what’s going on. Yesterday I felt so physically sick that I had to leave work early – thought I was getting this horrible flu that’s going around, which in turn made me totally panic, just exacerbating everything 3-fold and starting the vicious cycle. 166 more words

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Hey guys!

Last night, I finished Panic by Lauren Oliver.  This book reminded me of Fear Factor, only more mysterious, because the participants never know when the challenges will take place.   348 more words


Questions and answers I did on intrusive thoughts

After reading a couple of books and reading stuff online, ive done my own question and answers on intrusive thoughts from what ive learnt while suffering with bad thoughts. 191 more words


This is your brain on caffeine...

I was pretty skeptical about reintroducing caffeine to my diet at first. I’ve had a history of panic disorder where if I consumed any caffeine, I was at a much higher risk of experiencing a panic attack, dealing with tremors, feeling out of sorts, etc. 414 more words