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Sleep - that thing that evades me

I have slept four nights in a row!  I cannot remember the last time that has happened.  Whilst I still feel fatigued, I don’t feel tired. 221 more words


I couldn't go fly a kite

I’m fresh out of humorous banter today. My day (or past couple) have been a series of unfortunate events. Today I continued with the ridiculous jitters/restlessness but tried to head it off by taking myself out to breakfast. 350 more words

Mental Health

Walls break,


Kingdoms fall.

Populations tattered,


rushed around amuck.

Panic booms and goes off like a missile.

Children are stoned,

hung by old ropes. 32 more words


It Has Become a Problem

I have talked several times about my addiction to books.  I have talked about how often I will buy a new book because it has sparked my interest.   453 more words

Fright night

I had a relatively good day yesterday.
Aside from discovering a horrifying centipede in my shower , good things happened. I felt well, low pain, saw a friend , got a cat , and felt chipper. 361 more words

Bipolar Journey Continues

The main thing that helped fuel my depression was my lack of purpose in life. I had recently went back to school to get my bachelor’s but I hadn’t done anything with it because of the anxiety and bipolar issues. 904 more words


Panic Ignited


the Devil luring me in.

Fighting denial,

Fuelling Anxiety,

Panic ignited–

No escape.