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Helicopters freak me out :/

I have a lot of PTSD triggers… but many of them i can cope with much better these days. But not helicopters. 

I’ve seen/ heard quite a few rescue helicopters today and ive been on the verge of a panic attack. 31 more words

Mental Health

Pebble-shaped Calming Stone Is Made To Support Avert Panic Attacks

New Zealand designer Ramon Telfer used his own experiences of panic attacks to style The Calming Stone, a hand-held device designed to assist alleviate symptoms of anxiety and anxiousness (+ slideshow). 19 more words

Dismantling The Counseling Center

I saw them tearing down
a building I once received counseling in.

The two major things I learned from that counseling:

masturbation is a healthy tool for relieving stress… 85 more words


Panic Attacks

I don’t know why but I get panic attacks. If you never had one the you wont understand, but it sucks. Its like you are a car in the road and your car alarm goes off by a gust of wind, when all the other cars needs someone bashing into the window for there’s to go off. 63 more words

Ambition Didn't Suit Me

Growing up I had three main ambitions:

  • Become successful in something
  • Become someone worth remembering
  • Become someone worth loving

It’s not really asking for a lot. 364 more words

Personal Stories


Journeyman by Fabian Sixtus Körner: This took me while to finish, maybe because I wanted to savor it. Travel books have a great appeal for me. 238 more words


Mad Panic (Or, Going Back to School)

It’s that time of year again, ladies and gents. The time where I forget that I have a blog, where I have a billion things to do but only the motivation to sleep, where my life feels like a wind-up doll that’s been twisted five too many times. 413 more words

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