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Sesame Chicken Bites

I was going to call these Asian Chicken Nuggets, but then I realised the only Asian thing about them is sesame seeds, and they aren’t even specific to Asian food, so I renamed them sesame chicken nuggets. 589 more words


Mussels au gratin

For 4 people I bought one bag of fresh mussels and cleaned them . . . I like doing it myself better than having the machine do it  . 326 more words


Reservation Required

I admit that this post will be unique. Strange and curious even. I hesitated doing it but I thought they serve food, a lot of food to a whole bunch of people. 555 more words

Panko Fish Tacos- Chili Style

Fishing for a snappy way to put some variety into taco night? Drop your line into the chili365 site and pull out a whopper of a delicious recipe. 434 more words


Zucchini Parmesan Crisps

We have a LOT of zucchini coming from our garden right now! I’ve been looking on Pinterest for new zucchini recipes to make, and this is one of them! 126 more words


Tomato and Sweet Onion Pie

Double sweetness from the tomatoes and onions, makes this a summer treat.  Brookside July 2014

1 medium Vidalia onion
3 medium-sized ripe tomatoes
1 T fresh thyme, chopped (or 2 t dried) 234 more words


Recipe of the Week - Rack of Lamb

From The Other Meat Collection at emealsforyou.com

The difference between a rack of lamb and lambs chops is simply whether the chops are still connected (rack) or single chops.  237 more words