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Chandni Chowk Chaos

Clarity within Chaos. Shot in Old Delhi, Summer 2014.


The street vendors of Istanbul

I was pleasantly surprised to see the size of watermelons being sold by the street vendors here. It was humongous! I didn’t take a good picture of whole watermelon, but from the last picture, you can estimate the size before it was cut.  72 more words


Zooming out -Saturday night outings

Yesterday evening we decided to make the most of some fabulous weather we’ve been having and the fact it was a Saturday to drive out to Wetzlar, a small heritage town close to home, for some photography. 35 more words


10 pics which made me work hard fot it.

National Geography asked legendary photographer Steve Winters to get a shot of the rare Spirit Bear. To get a perfect shot of the Spirit Bear Steve had to sit and wait in cold rock in the freezing forest for 40 days.

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This weeks assignment for my small format class was to capture motion in a picture. This can be done a number of ways. An examples would be panning your camera to keep up with a moving subject or playing with the zoom on your lens during a long exposure. 70 more words


L.S.P - Back to School

.   .   .

I’m squeezing in this post with less than 12 hours to go before my flight to Malaysia… when i should be packing! 426 more words



I first learned about panning at the Social Justice Retreat this past September. It’s the sort of thing we always do, looking around to see who’s around us and who’s at different establishments. 244 more words