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Guest Post: Warning! Trigger Warning! No, Stop Warning People

A Bad Joke

The internet used to be a rough and tumble place filled with danger, memes, and shocking images.  AIM chatrooms and IRC chats were uncharted digital waters; it might be a fellow teenager or someone your grandpa’s ages trying to get in touch with the youth culture. 1,685 more words

Guest Blogger Posts

thelovelymissquinn reblogged this on Harley in Wonderland and commented:

This gives me hope. To know that I'm not the only one who feels this way. I have PTSD, people. Not the kind from war but I have been triggered and gone into fits of depression and crying and anxiety attacks that have led me to bottom out. How do I handle this? I fight every day to live my life on my terms. I refuse to let the people who violated me have control over the way I live my life. Sound familiar, feminazis? That's what you're saying we should have the right to do BEFORE we get raped. Why not after? Is what you're trying to say that we should only be strong when we're fine and then turn into cowering, self-entitled wimps just because something bad happened to us? Is that how every man should act when he gets raped? Because if you're really about equality, then that is what you're saying. But it's not. And that's what makes you feminazis and me a feminist.

An impatient gardener's wish list

Dear Santa,

All I really want for Christmas won’t fit in a box or under a tree. And, I’ll warn you, they’re not easy to wrap up with a ribbon and top with a bow. 583 more words

Just For Fun

Winter is rough

Our planter with our house numbers is absolutely beautiful. However, my husband was right … it is not easy to keep things alive in there in the winter. 120 more words

Update from the balcony

Red peppers in December!! The plant looks very poor, but the peppers are finally turning!

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

I still have strawberries, beetroots, leeks, curly kale and spinach. 19 more words

Kitchen Garden

Friday Flower Fiesta (12-5-14)—Winter flowers

Some of the “winter” flowers that are blooming in San Diego right now.

African violets are very popular at the grocery stores and plant nurseries for the Fall and Winter. 128 more words