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Rain: A Central Texas love-hate relationship

Don’t get me wrong. I love rain. I especially love rain that lingers for a couple of days. It’s a rare commodity in this area. We got over 5″ of rain yesterday! 619 more words

Central Texas Gardening

Autumn Colour in the Garden

Plenty of colour still around in the garden, even though I’ve started to move some of the pots into the greenhouse for winter protection.

The hydrangea is still looking bright and beautiful: 81 more words


Barn Coat...

Last night we had some rain come through.  It was about 9:30 pm when I heard the first big rumble.  That rumble was quickly followed by a pretty noisy downfall of rain and a good bit of wind.   1,206 more words


Rain and Quilting

These two are a natural — rain and quilting. Here in Northern California we’re well into our worst drought on record so we’re especially happy to see the rain. 75 more words

Art Quilts

What Pansies and Introverts Have in Common

Absolutely nothing. The pretty flower (viola, mind you) was just to get you here.

And before you go saying, “well pansy = introvert,” you just better shut your mouth before I grab my lead pipe or my crowbar or my pressure treated two-by-four and show you just how bad of a headache these “pansies” can give you. 546 more words

Random Rants

Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 11/17/14

We had another frost this past week, so it was time to admit that the summer garden is done. I spent the entire weekend pulling all my summer plants (other than my pumpkin vines) and harvesting anything left on the plants, including unripe chili peppers and tomatoes, which can still be eaten. 653 more words

Garden Updates: Weekly Pictures

Swiss Chard "Bright Lights"

Good chilly morning. It’s a cold start to the Alachua County Farmers’ Market, but at least the sun’s shining.

More cool season plants for you today: Swiss chard “Bright Lights” is edible, but I love to use it as an ornamental because of its beautiful colored stems and veins. 37 more words

Roses And Gargoyles