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Rant on "Pantheism"

I love God, but that doesn’t mean that I think every single view about her is correct. For instance, the Calvinist view of God that believes she has already chosen who will be saved and who will be not that basically undermines free will and has a very distorted view of divine love. 1,075 more words


Lammas and Ritual 2014

On Thursday evenin, the great feast of Lammas or Lughnasadh begins. I am again using a ritual from ADF Solitary Druid Fellowship. A Naturalistic Pantheist ritual can be found on my ritual page  126 more words


Celebrating the New Moon - July 2014

Ancient people’s considered the Moon to be a deity. For the Romans, she was the goddess Luna, while for the Norse and Anglo Saxons, he was the god Mani or Mona. 409 more words



Now let me tell you something of an eye:
Above the ear, nose, the mouth, and our touch,
The eye always reigns Lord of metaphor. 52 more words