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Don't save the Tiger!

Save yourself.

The forests in which the tigers live,  stabilize your climate.

Their plants enrich the soil by recycling the nutrients through the shedding of leaves and seeds. 241 more words


The ‘Big Mac, with extra cheese ’ of the tiger world. Though a tiger’s diet is reasonable varied, the Sāmbhar is arguably its favorite comfort food. 95 more words


T19, On Broadway

Scouring the east bank of Rajbagh lake in Ranthambhore, we hear the nicest sound one can possible imagine under the circumstances – a sambar alarm call. 237 more words


Sultan, the heir apparent of Ranthambhore

Heir to the throne of Ranthambhore, is the huge & handsome 2 ½ yr. old T-72, aka Sultan, who shares a benign and unusually close relationship with his father, the notoriously dominant T-24. 63 more words