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anyone who follows my blog will know that i absolutely adore pantyhose, i love the feel of them on shaved or waxed legs, having my own legs to stroke, the look of pantyhose under a short mini skirt or shorts, the feeling of guilt as i rub my legs together. 70 more words


Not your grandmother's undies!

Finally made a pattern for women’s underwear that works and looks good!

This will stop the motorist in their tracks!

Cause a scene or a wreck or just enjoy the fact that your undies are better than everyone else’s!


Underwear is Fun to Wear

I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea, writing about underwear. I am, however, limited to writing about what I know, that is, women’s underwear. 1,054 more words


Cocklocked and Tittified


first of all the cocklocking.

Here is the cocklock I chose, with  Mistress Cassandra’sapproval

I decided to buy the Helmet, a device marketed by Toys4NaughtyBoys. 377 more words


Building my presence, down the rabbit hole and my first order Musings

Hi friends! It’s late, and I’m procrastinating on school work, so of course, I decided there is no better time than now to reflect a bit on my first big milestone today – I mailed my first pair of dirty panties!! 434 more words

Dirty Panties

Panty Thief Sample (The Vampiress Hunter)

I don’t know much about vampire hunters other than what I’ve seen on both Vampire Hunter D movies, but my vampire hunter has this black cat named Sebastian who is a load of trouble and a lot of fun. 288 more words