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i'm color compliant today

In line with The Dicktator’scolour code today i am wearing lilac frilly panties and they look great! i also bought yesterday some women’s anti-perspirant so not only do i look like slut i smell like one too.

such a little gurl!


the noogleberry arrives and breasts are in the offing

the breast pump didn’t get an outing http://theresurrectionofefie.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/dreaming-of-bras-and-breasts/ on wednesday, mainly because i bought the wrong type. i bought a pump for expressing milk i’m not at that stage quite yet! 119 more words


A Perfect Place

room to think, a place to go

For me it is not enough to have the bedroom but I have a need for a full on boudoir. 117 more words


Cuddle Time

Now, only if I could find something to write, about Panties and Perfume.

Today I actually kept it very simple. I read an article stating that, “Letting go of perfume and letting your pheromones take over can be very sensual”.  46 more words


Feeling "Light Blue"

I have flown around the world and back again and I must say one scent that never fails is Dolce Gabbana “Light Blue”.

I would recommend this scent in the spring and summer months. 56 more words