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End of Act 1

Huzzah and hurrah, at long (long) last I have reached the end of the first draft of Sleeping Beauty! Good news for Justyn!

As ever the script has taken off in a completely different direction to how I had intended (sometimes these things write themselves). 161 more words

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The Experience

Last week we had our Christmas staff party. Whilst there one of the other teachers mentioned something that set my mind into motion.

Apparently, during one of their previous observations, the teacher I’m referring to was asked why she had the children cut eye-slits into role-play masks, instead of having them pre-cut. 141 more words

Thoughts And Musings

Babes in the Wood - Yorkshire Evening Post - 1920

A Stranger in Yorkshire

It is really refreshing to find somebody who is an absolute stranger to West Riding industrialism, and, on a first acquaintance, is finding it an interesting study. 260 more words

Gabrielle Ray


waiting to here what I have to say ad
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you please pantomimes repossession… 21 more words


Half an hour in...

Sleeping Beauty (first draft) is now at page fifteen which, based on the calculation we were given at Uni, equates to about half an hour of show. 48 more words

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Saturday Showcase (March 29)

Saturday Showcase is a weekly event hosted here at The In-Between Place which features books that you wish more people had read (or, at least, heard about). 225 more words

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