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Outside of the Outfit: Using Harem Pants to Separate Yourself from the Group

Threads on a Thursday! An alliteration like that really does make my week. Now, let’s begin.

So I go through phases with fashion (and everything, but let’s keep this concise). 1,281 more words


Day 29 - I left the house !!!!

My husband was heading out to meet a friend at a coffee shop this evening and I basically begged to come along. “You’ll be bored” he said “we’re just going to talk about armour.” Said like someone who actually leaves the house every day. 112 more words


Dear Diary

Dear Diary…

Today was not a good day. There’s been so much pressure on me lately. I feel like the forces of nature have been pressing down on me especially hard, and if it continues I’ll be left completely empty inside. 222 more words


Vintage Inspired Women's Moroccan Parachute Pants

I love these pants! They’re perfect for lounging or going out (with the right shoes.)!!

Check them out at: Coolgrlvintage (ebay)

Item #: 281581507346


Sweaters, scarves, and vests, always look the best!

Cozy sweater, warm scarf, and a colorful vest for an “after blizzard” look!

Since the blizzard has subsided, the temperature hasn’t decreased! So, I had to throw on the warmest clothes I owned. 65 more words


Style Inspiration: Palazzo Pants

I’m all about a bright, fun patterns and trying out a funky piece! It’s the point of fashion… to have fun and maybe sometimes play with looks that can be a little weird. 220 more words