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Dearest Pants,

It’s that time of the day
where I try to will myself
out of my
stretch maternity pants

I have not been pregnant for
almost six years… 95 more words


A better way to hang casual pants

Who’s still folding up their pants? Come on, raise your hands. Oh crap, my hand just went up too.

Yeah, like a chump I’ve been filling up my drawers with jeans, khakis, and the like and they’ve been getting creased at the folds just like any other Joe. 120 more words


Chapter 29


I’m never quite sure how I feel about them.

On one hand, it took centuries for women to even gain the rights to wear them, they are immensely more practical than skirts… 456 more words


Sabra Style at BOSL's Couture Boulevard

Why combine art and fashion? I absorbed myself in art immediately upon entering Second Life–building and opening my first art gallery less than a month in world. 161 more words

Kylie Sabra