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Teens Can Write, Too: July Blog Chain

Hey bloggers! Today we’re participating in the July blog chain for TCWT, which asks: What’s one thing you wish you knew when you started writing? 386 more words


Flash, Flash Fiction

Last time I was in this town the destruction was almost complete. The experts called it an EF-3 tornado.
There was a farm and a ranch that was left intact. 1,409 more words

Learning To Write A Story

To Plot or To Pant - That is the Question

To Plot or To Pant – That is the Question

Indeed it is. For any writer out there, I think we all ask the same question. 141 more words

The Problem With Writing “Advice”

So I’m sitting in this workshop listening to this Very Famous Writer (VFW) talk about how to write. She’s obviously a major catch for the workshop organizers because she’s willing to spend over an hour telling aspiring writers how to do it. 685 more words

On Writing

Architect or Gardener? How About Both?

(Artwork: King of Ruins, by Minnhagen)

Stephen Deas writes in his Fantasy Faction article, “Is Fantasy for Gardeners?”: “At some convention in the distant past on some panel about something or other, someone once asked me whether I was an architect or a gardener. 367 more words

Do your characters lead you down blind alleys?

Unruly Characters

Authors, do your characters sometimes refuse to fall in line and tread the path you have so carefully plotted for them?

Mine do. Sigh. 440 more words


Getting Pantsed

One of my least favorite terms used of late among writers is “pantser.”

When I was about 9 or 10, there was an annoying girl at the local swimming pool who – in the middle of a crowd of swimmers – would pull down my swim trunks while I was swimming in the deep end. 512 more words