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The two popes

When I was in Rome two years ago via The Rome Experience, I visited the body of Pope John XXIII and prayed at his tomb many times during my weeks in the Eternal City. 232 more words


Models of the Church in the 21st Century

A Mother – protecting her children (the membership) from historical truth and theological
insight, and the responsibilities of independent thought. Trying desperately to keep her… 68 more words


Cardinal Sergius emerged as Pope...evil triumphed.

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For decades the Papacy was bought and sold, fought over,  killed for. Eventually, in the 10th century Cardinal Sergius emerged as Pope. Under him evil triumphed.   108 more words

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Papacy brought Rome to the edge of ruin.

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In the closing years of the 9th century, the faction battles for the Papacy brought Rome to the edge of ruin. In 896,  Pope Steven Vll exhumed the body of Pope Formosus and had it dressed in its robes of office and put on trial. 60 more words

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Did Paul VI Condemn Vatican II?

Religious Liberty, Collegial Equality, Ecumenical Fraternity

How does it happen that the gates of hell are now causing us so much trouble? The Church has always been disturbed by persecution and heresies, by conflicts with temporal powers, sometimes by immoral conduct of the clergy, sometimes even of popes. 380 more words



APRIL 20, 2014

******Jesus made his opinion known to the religious elders when they asked why his disciples did not abide by the tradition of the elders. 364 more words


Marozia, Mistress of Rome

In the 10th century, an infamous woman, Marozia, became the ruler of Rome. It is she whom I have used as role model for Matwilda in Omega 2060. 82 more words

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