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Tahiti and Bora Bora

Here is some eye-candy from Tahiti and Bora Bora. These places are incredible and there’s not much that I can say that will describe them better than the pictures. 161 more words

Non-musical Activities!!!

Le 20 août : Polynésie Française : Raiatea

S’il existe un paradis sur terre… Ce doit être ici: en Polynésie!
Après un vol d’environ 8 heures avec de nombreuses turbulences, nous avons atterri à Papeete à 4 heures du matin! 117 more words

I'm in the crazy sector

Iaorana tatou!

It’s fun to hear about the summer activities going on back home. As far as things go here…. well it’s as sunny and hot as always.  602 more words

Greetings from..... PAPEETE!!!‏

The verdict is in, everyone!  I am now serving in Papeete, Tahiti! :D. That’s right, I’ve been transferred to the capital city. It’s as big as cities get in Tahiti. 351 more words