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When the ink hits the sheet...

One thing I have discovered after 3 decades in print: no matter how good the technology is, it still comes down to ink-on-paper.

The other day I had a press check on a job in which we needed to get as close to the provided sample as possible. 232 more words


prohibition on alcohol in india


Mahatma Gandhi considered alcohol consumption a social evil. With this in mind, the directive principles of the Constitution proclaim that the State shall endeavour to prohibit the use of intoxicating drinks and drugs that are injurious to health except for medicinal purposes.Nevertheless, most Indian States have seen fit to ignore this principle, since the revenue that comes from high excise and other taxes on alcohol is hard to ignore. 483 more words


Follow-up: choosing examples

Continuing with the topic of examples from the previous post, here are some tips on selecting them.

#1. Don’t unfailingly write down the first thing that comes to mind… 300 more words

Applying Content

Which new Ministries were either renamed or created by the New Government this year and why?

Change in the name of the Ministries is as follows:

Existing Ministry — New Ministry

*Ministry of Environment & Forests /Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change… 135 more words


civil servants and politics

“Many instances where civil servants including police officials have joined political parties in their respective states just after retiring or have put in their papers to join the battle at the hustings.” How do you view this issue? 195 more words


Directive Principles of State Policy and nation building.

DPSP are ethical guidelines in part IV of the Constitution guiding government policy. They contain “Instruments of Instruction” in a variety of policy matters for building a strong and equitable nation. 70 more words


indian parliament and american congress

Briefly state similarities and differences between Indian parliament and American Congress.

Both legislatures are bi-cameral : they each have two houses — the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in our case, the House of Representatives and the Senate in the US. 193 more words