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Be You

Welcome to the month of September and here is the newest challenge over at  Ed’s Sketch.

Use a postal related stamp on you layout.  Just remember to have fun. 60 more words


Paraphrasing Tips

We’ve all had the experience of losing marks because of ‘loose paraphrasing’ that doesn’t quite capture the ‘nuance’ or ‘meaning’ of words. But what, exactly, are examiners referring to when they say ‘nuance’? 217 more words

Paper 2


Template post.
Center align.
Upload new pic each time.


Hey! Who you callin' a dummy!??!

Now, before you think this is a personal post, or one steered at those who may feel insecure about their print knowledge, this post is about one of the simplest and easiest tools at a printer’s fingertips: paper dummies. 293 more words


Paper, Papyrus, Parchment

How fast can you say paper-papyrus-parchment?

Papyrus: The Mother of Paper

Papyrus (plural papyri) was first produced around 3000 BCE as the standard writing material for the Ancient Egyptians. 588 more words

Did You Know

The first

We all lead such busy lives, don’t we? No time to post, but thankfully time to be ‘arty’ at least once a day, so the next few posts will be ‘catch ups’. 24 more words


Paper & Design - What do you need to know?

Paper is one of the most critical aspects of any printed piece. Thickness. Whiteness. Brightness. Finish. They all play a vital role in making sure the right message is sent when someone views your collateral. 408 more words