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The Ultimate Paper Airplane Glider

F16 tutorial

Published on Jul 12, 2013

F15 tutorial:
Made using a A4 paper

More origami videos and diagrams at http://www.origamiyard.com



It's all Symmetry to me!

Bridge learned about symmetry this week and completed several art projects that helped demonstrate this concept. Folded paper paint butterflies, Symmetrical paper cutting designs and a folded paper airplane. 55 more words

Art Work

Make a Paper Airplane/ Stand here/create a something or other line/Wreck this Journal

Okay I’m gonna combine three of the tasks from wreck this journal today. One of them I didn’t do because it bores me. LOL. The second I did do and found it mind numbing. 90 more words


FUNCIE LIVE! Finished Touchpoints

The flyer (literally a FLYer) that folds into a paper airplane.

Latest Projects

'A' is for Art!

Today is the first day of the A to Z Challenge and I have chosen “Art for the letter A”

Normally when we think of art, we think of painters and sculptors, but there is so much more to art than those. 383 more words

The Progress of a Commission

It’s not time-lapsed or anything, but here’s the progression of a recent commission featuring (surprise!) paper airplanes. Yes, the obsession continues and now I’m bringing others into the madness. 68 more words