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High Cost of Lettering

Every year for the holidays I gather paper and glue and cardboard and ribbons and pens and envelopes and paintbrushes and colored pencils and try to design something beautiful and memorable to send to the people I adore and love most in this world. 324 more words


Paper Cranes

Here is my paper crane project that caused me so much trouble this semester and a lot of not so helpful back lash.  My cranes are made of newspaper to represent the world at large and the painful news we have to endure from them everyday.   74 more words


The best inspiration!

My daughter. My 4 year old daughter, she is the best inspiration. We were watching one of her favorite shows, Disney’s Octonauts. Its a cute little show that teaches kids about marine life. 81 more words


Christmas Card Creations

This year I thought I’d create our own Christmas Cards to send out and I love how they turned out.  I don’t call myself an visual artist but I gained a lot of confidence in my doodling skills after teaching grade 2.   216 more words


Paper Art & Crafts: Day 12

I have boxes of business cards I’ve been trying to find uses for. Today I made a tiny book with a business card as the cover. 92 more words

Paper Arts & Crafts

Expansion Into Uncertainty

New piece I installed this past week into the Mine Factory for the show “I Just Want the Paper,” curated by Ikechukwu Casmir Onyewuenyi.  For this piece, I handcut rice paper and added in details with graphite.   89 more words