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The most complicated things in life are often made up of simple pieces. Conquer one piece at a time and you will be successful. (Wow I feel deep lol)


"The Voice" Handmade Bookmark

This one I made for my son, I love the quote and I would love him to take responsibility for his experience in this life, listening to his intuition before anyone’s opinion, but is complicated to compete with so many distractions and influences… 262 more words


Sarah Kreutner-Drawing & Photography

Sarah Kreutner

Fun Facts:

* I’m the youngest member of the Guild at 15 years and 11 months.

*  I’ve been homeschooled since kindergarten

* I can’t snap my fingers, but I can lick my elbow! 252 more words

Vinton Guild Of Fine Arts

67th Day of 100 Happy Days in a row

67th day of “100 Happy Days in a row”.

“9000 papillons” @Dior Royale Paris by amazing artist Andrea Mastrovito.

Paris, 2008.

100 Happy Days In A Row


I’ve been toying with the idea of doing prints for a long time, but the artist in me has found it hard to get past the idea of the original is always best. 266 more words

DIY: Dreamy train

A couple of months ago I went to Ikea and came home with their famous train set. I love that kind of toy because it’s simple and made with wood. 188 more words

Jeanine reblogged this on j9sopinion and commented:

Lately, I have been finding some seriously creative paper crafting blogs. So wonderful in fact, that I have re-blogged them here. Take a look through the links to post, at a different type train set DIY, via Lullaby Diaries. Jeanine ;)

Bovey Lee

Bovey Lee is a paper artist who has taken the medium to new levels of meticulousness and beauty. Inspired by the traditions of Chinese paper work, Lee uses rice paper and the actual drawing is done more as a process of subtraction. 245 more words

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