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New Sketchbook

Yes oh yes it’s that time again. New sketchbook time. For my first marks in the book I made a drawing of he world we live on and a giant hand holding a light. 62 more words


Magnetic Bookmarks

Recently I was in Pune when I was on the look out for some craft shops. It always excites me when I see that there are shops and people who love to display and showcase handmade products. 145 more words


Caroline Jane Harris

I’m not actually even sure how to categorize these, which strikes me a pretty good place to start: They are prints, but they’re laboriously, meticulously cut to reveal the intricacies not only of the cutout forms, but of the colors, gradations and layers. 397 more words


Business Card Holder

This is one project which even caters to men. haha.. I say so because a lot of my guy friends who love my creations always used to complain that whatever I make is meant mainly for girls. 155 more words


Origami Kusudama Ball

This beauty took me about a week (including about 4 rest days hahaha.)




The most complicated things in life are often made up of simple pieces. Conquer one piece at a time and you will be successful. (Wow I feel deep lol)


"The Voice" Handmade Bookmark

This one I made for my son, I love the quote and I would love him to take responsibility for his experience in this life, listening to his intuition before anyone’s opinion, but is complicated to compete with so many distractions and influences… 262 more words