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A Love Story

A bit of progress on a seemingly endless work in progress. Here’s some Paper Boats with your morning coffee. Enjoy….

I am beginning to think that all publishers, editors, agents and single women feigning interest, attended the same class on how to respond to wannabe writers. 1,327 more words


Paper Boats and Corked Bottles

Another excerpt from the project currently known as “Paper Boats”…

You can spend your whole life letting the world tell you who you are. Good. Bad. 647 more words


Between paper boats, and fair weather friends

A while back, I wrote a poem about a paper boat, as a bit of rhyme and fun to travel the seas, and rivers in, to travel as such. 264 more words


Paper Boats

Such a curious thing, life. We spend most of it hustling and bustling about trying to get to from one place to the next; a calculated, headlong rush toward a pine box. 451 more words